Just asking…

What does it take for a malihini (newcomer to Hawaii) to finally become kamaaina (long-time island resident)? It’s a status that comes with time, for sure.

However, part of the distinction has to do with how long you’ve lived here. Perhaps 20 years might be a qualifier, but what you know or have experienced matter, too. In short: embracing local culture and ways — what you think, how you talk — is part of the equation.

Some examples:

— You’re kamaaina if you remember when Kalakaua Avenue was a two-way street.

J. Akuhead Pupule on radio

— You listened to J. Akuhead Pupule on the radio during your morning commute, not Michael W. Perry & the Posse.– You shopped at Liberty House, not Macy’s.

— You  worked at Hawaiian Pine or Libby’s, companies that raised and canned island pineapples.

— You drove down the winding Old Pali Road, to get from Honolulu to Kailua/Kaneohe.

— You speak pidgin, but can switch to standard English, too.

Get the drift? So now provide some thoughts on your kamaaina-ness…


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