Start spreading the news. New York theater will be aglow again. Broadway is in reopening mode, with the main thrust coming this fall.


I’m not, and I’m not certain you are either.

I’d take the direct flight to JFK, if I’m flying Hawaiian. Or if I opt for United, the destination is Newark.

Either way, NYC is on my radar now. But I am cautiously optimistic of a smooth reopening, but I likely will wait till spring 2022,

The newbie shows I’d love to see are:

* “Mrs. Doubtfire,” the comedy that starred Robin Williams on film, set to open Oct. 24 at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre in New York.

* “Music Man,” beginning Dec. 20, at the Winter Garden Theatre. This one features Hugh Jackman as Professor Harold Hill and Sutton Foster co-star.

But there might be  T-R-O-U-B-L-E ahead, borrowing the song from “Music Man.”

Why? Ticketing websites are already selling seats for the new shows and the perennial favorites, lined up like racehorses, for the opening bell. Since New York claims the theaters will be like the pre-pandemic days, there shouldn’t be open seats between patrons. What happens if protocols and rules change? Do you forfeit seats?  Who stays and who preys for open spaces, if that happens, and will you have wiggle room that fits into your hotel bookings?

Many wonderments. Not many precise details yet.

If you’re planning a fall visit, the marquees should be glowing with these attractions:

• “Hamilton,” beginning Sept. 14, at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. Now you can finally get your “shot.”

• “Wicked,” returning Sept. 14, at the Gershwin Theatre. Green will be the keen face color again.

• “The Lion King,” roaring in Sept. 14, at the Minskoff Theatre. Can you feel the love already?

• “Chicago,” starting Sept. 14, at the Ambassador Theatre. It’ll be razzle dazzle time, with all that jazz.

• “The Phantom of the Opera,” resuming Oct. 22, at the Majestic Theatre. Watch out for the falling chandelier and bask in the music of the night.

• “Diana,” premiering Dec. 1, at the Longacre Theatre. A musical about the beloved Princess of Wales.

• “Ain’t Too Proud,” opening Oct. 16, at the Imperial Theatre. Relieve Motown magic and music.

• “Jagged Little Pill,” returning in Oct. 21, at the Longacre Theatre. Music by Alanis Morissette.

• “Come From Away,” opening Sept. 1, at the Schoenfeld Theatre. The Canadian hospitality blooms again, post 911.

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