“Your number was picked,” said the random email in my inbox the other day.

It went on: “You were picked to enter the $1,000,000 cash giveaway.”



I can’t prove that this was a scam, but this one pitched a $50 daily prize and a $5,000 grand prize. I was immediately dubious.


Wrong again.

A series of similar emails have been received, some offering a gift card or some amenity.

If you enter, or participate, you will be faced with a number of enticements to buy something to the next level.

How I  became a lucky chance-taker, I don’t know. But weeks ago, I participated (responded) to a merchant that I ordered something from, and I liked the product. Again, I can’t prove that this survey was linked to others with devious intentions, since it didn’t offer any residual gift or cash. I’m just saying, I think I

must be on the radar to receive these queries.

A warning: be careful of what you get involved in.

Some teasers ask you to play a game or respond to a survey. If you do, you’re leaving your door ajar for unwanted solicitors.

Some emails tell you, midway down the link of guessing, that a merchandise purchase is required to be qualified for the prize. That’s a cautionary warning: spike the message!

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Conclusion? A $1,000,000 cash giveaway is clearly a mirage with a message: A dream that could evolve into a nightmare.

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