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Let’s get something straight: even if CDS has loosened its COVID-19 regulations, the protocols in Hawaii remain somewhat firm regarding face masks. Like it or not, masks are not yet history.

Some are unmasking, based on national rules. But on the home front, masks still rule and some recommendations remain:

Mask wearing depends on when and where
  • Retailers still would like to have customers masked. That means merchants such as Costco, Target, WalMart, Longs and Walgreen (The national mandate does not apply here).
  • Ditto, restaurants. You wear your mask upon entry, you remove when you chat, drink and eat.
  • Airlines still are firm: no masks, no flight. Suggestion: keep a mask tucked into hour carry-on, cuz you’re gonna need it.
  • With many adults getting vaxxed – those who’ve resisted, what’s the matter? – there’s still the matter of children at home. As schools look to the fall resumption of in-person classes, with some hybrid situations were virtual learning might continue – unvaccinated children could still need to don face masks.
  • As activities mount — such as outdoor sports, indoor concerts and theater, and other recreational and entertainment shows —  the mask factor may depend on the venue and the event. Football, no masks; indoor theater, masking until further notice.

And a somewhat giddy note: As you gather with friends you haven’t seen since last year and the during the darker days of the pandemic, don’t you feel a tad foolish when someone hauls out an iPhone for a selfie, and you are masked, and you’re beaming with a huge smile … that cannot be seen?


  1. Yeah, I still wear my mask except when at home or when we go down to dining room for dinner butt when pau eating put it back up over my face to play it safe. Sure don’t know why people are not getting the shots especially with kids getting ready for new school year. Just to have a sore arm or be tired for a day or so is not bad.

    Aloha Dolores

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