Singer-actress Loretta Ables Sayre has a sparkling, splendid new look – and proud of it.

She shared her new coif on Facebook, and it’s not just transforming but attractive and stunning. A whole new whirl.

“After 30 years of tinting my roots, I wanted out,” said the Hawaii-based Tony Award nominee.

“Thought of doing it during the Covid lockdown but never knew if work was around the corner.”

Loretta Ables Sayres’ new look, minus tinting.

Since the pandemic prevented job opportunities, she made the leap.

“I looked back and realized there’s no better time than now. So I visited my hairstylist, Donna Tokumoto, and had her help me ‘boost’ the grow out period around my face and she worked her magic, and here we are!”

The red specs add vigor and sparkle to her look.

“I love the freedom and power of not bothering with hair color and not caring what anyone things. I own it and it feels great!,” he says.

Betcha most people will applaud her bold move and cheer her new look. …

Blue Notes

Kimie Mine will celebrate her birthday with a two-night party at 6:30 and 9 p.m. July 9 and 10 at Blue Note Hawaii, with in-club or virtual participation…

Streelight Cadence, the four-member band formally anchored in Hawaii, will return this summer for a one-nighter  at 6:30 and 9 p.m. Aug. 21 at Blue Note Hawaii…

 For reservations, to either show, visit …

Mighty Mo’s teak repurposed as gifts

Martin & MacArthur, the Hawaii-centric creator of everything from teak furniture to teak watches, has launched a new line of products in partnership with Battleship Missouri Memorial at Pearl Harbor.  

Ornament by Shaun Tokunaga.

Fetching original teak, from the decks of the Mighty Mo, M&M has created specialty keepsake items from photo frames to ornaments, from pens to business card cases, linking World War II history into wearable and useable everyday items.

Timed to last weekend’s Memorial Day celebrations here and abroad, the historic pieces have gained new life as repurposed mementos, with sales beginning shortly at the museum and at the Martin & MacArthur website at

“We are grateful for this partnership with Martin & MacArthur, a company who truly shares our dedication to craftsman ship,” said Mike Carr, president and CEO of the Battleship Missouri Memorial, in a statement.

The material utilized in creating the momentodo not rob the wartime ship of its precious woodwork. “Our Teak Crew works hard everyday to restore the deck of the Mighty Mo,” said Carr. Excess teak is provided to the teak masters,  so this collaboration “with a company that has use for our excess teak…makes this relationship incredibly special.”

Teak has served as an important element – covering about 1.2 acres of deck space. The wood not only is extremely durable, it is a porous material that can withstand moisture and sunlight and has prevented crew members from slipping while maneuvering aboard the ship.

“We are honored to receive such generous amounts of teak from the USS Missouri, which directly supports Hawai‘i craftsmen who then can continue creating innovative products during such a challenging time for small, local businesses,”  said Michael Tam, CEO of Martin & MacArthur. “This new Teak Collection allows the world to see what Hawai‘i has to offer as well as own a piece of historical significance.” …

And that’s “Show Biz.” …


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