Here’s an encouraging update, to our open letter to Henry Kapono, to see if he might get behind a “We Are the World”-type anthem, to kokua the folks affected by the tragic wildfires on Maui.

We thought, while watching the Lahaina and hundreds of homes go up in flames in real time, that only one man, the prolific and productive Henry, (pictured below, left) might use his creative juices, tap his army of music-industry colleagues, and his longstanding mission to support communities in time of needs to make this a reality.

His encouraging response, received this morning via email:

“Aloha Wayne: Hope you’re recovering well.  Yes the Lahaina wildfire has been something unimaginable, and the response of our Hawaii people is just phenomenal.  I have been

thinking of a song. ‘We Are The World,’ keeps coming up.

‘ I’m sure someone is working on it.  I’m talking to people I trust and respect and we’re thinking of something that might be very interesting.  I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, take care of yourself.  Friends, Henry.”

Henry’s wife, Lezlee, also said the Henry Kapono Foundation already is supporting efforts on the Valley Island to kokua  Mauians during these devastating times, via the “We Are Friends Maui” program.

The link: https://www.henrykaponofoundation.org/we-are-friends-maui

Henry remains an influential mover-and-shaker and logically, this sort of special needs should be within his realm of creativity. Hope a Maui tune or project that he’ll spearhead evolves over the next few months. . …

Rain is forecast

Crossing Rain, pictured below, Hawaii’s homegrown K-Pop boy band, will perform at  7 p.m. Oct. 28 at the Joseph Rider Farrington Auditorium at Farrington High School.

Also performing, B.E.T., and Augie T, an FHS grad. The event is a fundraiser for www. bravehawaii.com.

The event is part of the October celebration of NationalAnti-Bullying Month.

A fundraiser for www.bravehawaii October is National Anti-Bullying Month 100% will go to fund community and school programs as well scholarships.

 Tickets: $30 VIP, including a meet and greet; $20 lower level and $15 upper level.

The link:


And that’s Show Biz. ..

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