Just asking…

Are you eligible and if so, have you had your third Covid shot?

Received my “booster” shot yesterday, at Longs Hawaii Kai. I qualified for one, due to age and medical pre-conditions.

So, how’d it go? Quickly, with no pain when the shot was administered. Had my earlier two shots six months ago.

Tips: Call your pharmacy or doctor, to determine if the shot you need is available; the serum must be compatible to your earlier vaccinations: Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson. Walk-ins acceptable; you’ll need to fill out a form; your temperature will be taken, so if you feel feverish, go another day when you’re OK.

Bring: Your previously issued Covid vaxx card; the third shot will be logged onto it as documentation of the procedure.

Aftermath: My left arm, notably the area where the shot was given, aches this morning. Hopefully, no other side effects.


  1. Yup got mine at CVS, no waiting and thankfully very minor arm soreness and no side effects. It really helps to hydrate with water and/or Gatorade before the jab and all day after the jab.

  2. Thank you for the feedback. I have 2 versions of how to get the booster. 1) wait 8 mos. from the last one or 2) just go any CVS and ask for it, no pre-existing condition needed. Hoping you can clarify. Thank you.

  3. Arm still sore a bit, 24 hours after the shot, but no other related pain except the usual back aches. Drinking a lot of water but felt I needed a Starbucks iced coffee boost, so indulged. Tnx for reacting/sharing.

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