Book ’em, Danno. Scott Caan might have said aloha to “Hawaii Five-0,” but aloha also means hello.

So Caan is returning to CBS in a new procedural detective drama entitled  “Topangaland,” according to

Scott Caan

The hour-long show will star Caan as a former cop now working for his dad’s detective agency in the Los Angeles, simultaneously juggling a thorny relation with his dad and an unconventional circle of family. But nope, Caan’s real-life dad James Caan, is not participating in this one.

With his drama background, Caan is anticipating to take on a writing role and don an executive producer hat for “Topangaland,” along with “SEAL” creator Benjamin Cavell, who will also script shows and take on the role as showrunner.

Let’s be honest. Over the 10-year run of “Five-O” in Hawaii, he has never loved working here and becoming part of the island community, even taking time off for brief stretches of theatrical work in the L.A. area. Co-star Alex O’Loughlin, who played Steve McGarrett, bought a home and lived like a local whenever he could. Caan, who played Danny Williams, nonetheless earned a best supporting actor Golden Globe nomination. …

Don Tiki and exotica back in a big way

Don Tiki, the musical ensemble specializing in exotica sounds (think Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman), is back on the scene with “Hot Like Lava,” a new 12-inch vinyl disc jammed with vibrant exotic sounds for a new generation of fans. To put you in the perfect mood, the disc is red-hot, suggesting volcanic lava, awaiting eruption on your turntable. OK, if you don’t have a traditional disc-player from the past, you’ll not appreciate a red disc that collates some of Don Tiki’s top tracks reinvented for collectors who savor the sounds of exotica recalling that era.

Don Tiki’s ‘Hot Like Lava” LP features a red vinyl disc.

The disc, just released, is $30 and comes with custom Tiki 3D glasses to experience the cover art. To order, visit

Back in the day, like in 1997, Fluid Floyd (Lloyd Kandell) and Perry Coma (Kit Ebersbach) championed the contagious tropical sounds exemplified by the presence of congas, bongos and bird calls, a genre led by isle residents Denny and Lyman, who separately created a global sensation of exotica, particularly with Denny’s “Quiet Village” as the key soundtrack of that era.

Don Tiki became the purveyors of that sound, that contagious Polynesian-pop hybrid, that continues to have an audience in the 21st century.

The extended Don Tiki membership now includes Kit Ebersbach, keyboards, bandleader; Lloyd Kandell, producer, congenial host; Lopaka Colon, congas, bongo, bird calls; Hai Jung, bass, vocals; Sherry Shaoling, vocals, dancer; Abe Lagrimas, Jr., vibraphone, percussion; Ryoko Oka, keyboards; Noel Okimoto, drums (“Skinny Dip,”  “South of the Boudoir”);  Jason Segler, drums (“In Thailand”); Bonny B, drums (live performances); Tim Mayer, reeds; and Violetta Beretta, dancer, costumer, vocals.

The link with Denny led Don Tiki to feature the legendary musician on its first album, “The Forbidden Sounds of Don Tiki,” which would become one of the final recordings before Denny’s passing on March 2, 2005. He continues to be the acknowledged “father of exotica” for the impact he made in his heyday, with national musicians like Les Baxter buying into the exotica repertoire. ….

And that’s Show Biz. …


  1. Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for info about Scott Caan and the Tiki music info. Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman were 2 of my favorite musicians when I first came to Hawaii as i had their LP’s at home and used to play the organ along with playing their records.

    Aloha Dolores

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