I’ve posted this one of my Facebook page, but repeating it here for my website followers.

As some of you know, I have a hobby of making notecards for various occasions.

I created this assortment of notecards featuring face masks last week, mostly because mask-wearing still is necessary for indoor activities here, and because vaccinations have been underwhelming. A message to all: get vaxxed, wear masks.

The notecards echo earlier versions from last year just when the COVID-19 streak was peaking.

I often get requests for orders for a particular Wild Cards creation, but never have made an effort to fulfill requests.

But in light of the mounting public health concerns (vaxxing and masking), I’m making a limited number of cards to those interested; if interested, I’ll send you two face mask cards which I hope you will use to encourage friends and/or family to get vaccinated if they haven’t, or keep donning a mask, for everyone’s safety.

The captions range from “Facial Distancing” to “Mask-erade,” from “Face the Nation” to “About Face.”

HOW TO ORDER: To confirm an order, send $2 (cash or check) to Wayne Harada, 929 Waioli St., Honolulu HI 96825-2726. Please provide your snail mail address, too, so I can ship to you.

The cost will cover mailing and materials; FYI, the cards are not in gift shops or anywhere else; prices normally are $3 to $5 each when sold in a gift shop. As mentioned, the cards will be randomly selected – so you cannot request a specific design. The sample captions: “Mask-erade,” “Face the nation,” “Facial Distancing,” “The Masked Zinger,” “About Face,” “Put on Your Best Face.” For questions, email me at wayneharada@gmail.com

Mahalo for your interest and support.


OK, had a bunch of animal stickers this morning and noticed a shortage of creature cards in my files.

After assembling some blank notecards, let the imaginations go …and was grateful for these four results.


Feeling good and cheerful today. So thought I’d share a couple of my Wild Cards that reflect the funshine mood.

Enjoy. These are specimens of some of the simple make-your-own cards using

washi tape, stickers and your imagination!