1. Simple: I “harvested” from a broking shopping bag, laden with golden pineapple images, one different from the other. Salvaged perhaps a dozen pineapples and found two or three, cut from the damaged plastic-coated bag, and it was a great way to recycle the images for a new decorative life.

  1. Wayne, Sure like your greeting cards. I have always been making my own cards too, As far as collecting things I had to downsize when I moved into this retirement home but I made sue I brought all my photographs of Hawaii with me. I was always clicking my camera and that’s how I got the name “Auntie Clic Clic”. So glad I have so many photos of all my entertainers(so many whom we have lost) and also photos of some of the towns on Oahu like where I have a photo of the old pink movie theater in Haleiwa where was gone and turned into a McDonald’s.

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