Have been neglecting my card-making in recent weeks, so decided to get back on track. Latest creations: One is dubbed Super Bowls, with a bunch of Asian bowl meals, like ramen and shrimp in a donburi. The other is called “Sweet Leilani,” cuz it’s a lei motif comprised of teeny-tiny sweets in the form of candy, strawberries, and fruits like oranges and watermelon slices. Real miniatures, hence “sweet.” “Leilani,” since its shaped like a lei.

Enjoy — part of my Wild Cards additions.

Ramen and donburi bowls — hence, “Super bows.”
Lei-shaped, candy-affixed garland of sweets.


Haven’t done new notecards for ions — had been focusing on Valentine’s and Easter pins earlier this year — so I spent a useful and productive hour today, creating six new postcard-design notecards.

The motif is Hawaii-oriented — Aloha Tower, hula dancer, pineapple — and pleased with the results. Only wish I had more stickers to do more cards.


To bid you best wishes, as “A Chorus Line” closes this weekend at Diamond Head Theatre, I created a limited number of these “A Chorus Feline” cards to wish you a mahalo and aloha. Wish I had enough cards for each one of you.


I’ve posted this one of my Facebook page, but repeating it here for my website followers.

As some of you know, I have a hobby of making notecards for various occasions.

I created this assortment of notecards featuring face masks last week, mostly because mask-wearing still is necessary for indoor activities here, and because vaccinations have been underwhelming. A message to all: get vaxxed, wear masks.

The notecards echo earlier versions from last year just when the COVID-19 streak was peaking.

I often get requests for orders for a particular Wild Cards creation, but never have made an effort to fulfill requests.

But in light of the mounting public health concerns (vaxxing and masking), I’m making a limited number of cards to those interested; if interested, I’ll send you two face mask cards which I hope you will use to encourage friends and/or family to get vaccinated if they haven’t, or keep donning a mask, for everyone’s safety.

The captions range from “Facial Distancing” to “Mask-erade,” from “Face the Nation” to “About Face.”

HOW TO ORDER: To confirm an order, send $2 (cash or check) to Wayne Harada, 929 Waioli St., Honolulu HI 96825-2726. Please provide your snail mail address, too, so I can ship to you.

The cost will cover mailing and materials; FYI, the cards are not in gift shops or anywhere else; prices normally are $3 to $5 each when sold in a gift shop. As mentioned, the cards will be randomly selected – so you cannot request a specific design. The sample captions: “Mask-erade,” “Face the nation,” “Facial Distancing,” “The Masked Zinger,” “About Face,” “Put on Your Best Face.” For questions, email me at

Mahalo for your interest and support.


OK, had a bunch of animal stickers this morning and noticed a shortage of creature cards in my files.

After assembling some blank notecards, let the imaginations go …and was grateful for these four results.