Still no official word from Diamond Head Theatre, but the decision to dismiss costume designer Karen G. Wolfe at the end of the run of  “Anything Goes” this weekend has been reversed.

Earlier today, Wolfe – who served as the theater’s resident costume honcho for 37 years – broke silence and revealed that she will be staying on through the end of the run of  “Cinderella,” which opens next January in a brand-new facility next door to the existing theater.

In a Facebook post, Wolfe said “I’m happy to announce that I will be staying as DHT costume director through the end of ‘Cinderella’ in 2023. I have always wanted to retire after my 70th birthday (Jan. 29) and I am grateful that I will be able to do so.”

Karen G. Wolfe

Why this process was not part of her departure was not fully explained. She revealed the outcome of the online outcry to “save Karen” in the past few days, after her daughter, Kyra Blasé, sent on an online appeal to the DHT board of director to appeal the case.

“Thank you for your support,” Wolfe said of the next few months where she will design costumes for the first new show in the brand-new theater.

“This was made possible by management and the board, and I want to thank them and John Rampage (artistic director).  With a new building and the next 100 years there is so much good that each of us can do to support community theater.”

Wolfe declined to talk about the turnaround, likely because this remains a personnel matter.

But why this arrangement was not considered earlier is a curiosity; Wolfe deserves to have a role in the shutdown of the old facility and help launch the start of the new one.

Sounds like she had a Fairy Godmother – not discounting pressure from ticket buyers and theater fans who rallied in her defense — on her side in the turnaround. Further, DHT owes Wolfe either a grand birthday party or an aloha oe retirement celebration at the end of her tenure.

All’s well that ends well. …

And that’s Show. Biz. …

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