Ryan Seacrest, incoming “Wheel of Fortune” host, has been in Waikiki with letter-turner Vanna White, to tape promos for the next season of the syndicated game show.

Seacrest, who still hosts ABC’s “American Idol,” is succeeding Pat Sajak, the original “Wheel” host, who announced his retirement last year and will exit in June 2024. Thus, Seacrest will make his debut later this summer.

Vanna White and Ryan Seacrest, on location in Waikiki

Seacrest and White  have been seen in tourist mode, donning swimwear and goggles and flipper diving gear for knee-deep waves in waters off Waikiki. The duo, wearing appropriate island wear,  also trekked in the shopping mall at the Hilton Hawaiian Village…  

Cataluna’s ‘Kimo’ premieres Feb. 23

Lee Cataluna’s “Kimo the Waiter,” a glimpse of exclusion, inclusion, diversity, and accessibility within the community of television and film work, will make its world premiere at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 23 at Paliku Theatre on the Windward Community College.

The production is a partnership of WCC and the Hawaii Conservatory of Performing Arts (HCPA), where Cataluna is HCPA’s Established Island Artist.

The comedy explores the plight and frustration of Kimo, a dude that loves to act who tracks and attends auditions for roles, but he’s either too brown or not brown enough, or perhaps not enough, period. How many times can an actor play “the waiter”? He’s good, but clearly lives with rejection.

Set in 1980s Honolulu, “Kimo the Waiter” tracks the elusive dream of an actor whose dream world is never within his reach.

Alakaʻi Cunningham and Kirstyn Trombetta in “Kimo the Waiter.

“’Kimo the Waiter’ is a hilarious and moving look into the world of an actor. Cataluna shows the frustrations and raucous truths of what actors experience,” said director  Taurie Kinoshita.

 Set in the Hawaii of the 1980s, “Kimo” features Alakaʻi Cunningham as Kimo. The cast also includes Stuart Featheran, Kirstyn Trombetta, Maya Leslie-Berengue, and Kealaulapoiunalani Faifili.

The family-friendly comedy, which runs approximately 90 minutes, should relate to constant auditioners who’ve experienced rejection.

Tickets: $15 to $25, available at palikutheatre.com or call (808) 235-7315.

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