Talk about must-see TV.  Last week’s pair of specials – “Carol Burnett: 90th Years of Laughter+Love”  on Wednesday on NBC and James Corden’s farewell in two segments dubbed “The Last Last Late Late Show with James Corden”  on CBS on Thursday —  were splendid spectacles for the armchair brigade.

And the ratings showed audiences approved, too. The Burnett blockbuster logged 7.6 million viewers in true prime-time, and the Corden finale drew 1.43 million viewers, over two segments, one in prime, the other in late night lane. Hope you saw these shows.

Carole Burnett, with Julie Andrews at the bash.

The wattage of stars assembling to pay homage to Burnett included such iconic celebs like Julie Andrews, Cher, Allison Janney, Susan Lucci, Kristen Wiig, Laura Dern, and Maya Rudolph, with additional notables in TV clips, largely from Burnett’s indelible and incredible shows that made her a TV queen. Many live vocalizing, too, from the likes of Katy Perry, Bernadette Peters and Kristin Chenowith.
Vicki Lawrence, a surviving luminary from Burnett’s gallery of greats, was a standout. Cast greats Harvey Korman, Lyle Waggoner and Tim Conway were remembered in numerous comedic sketches, each demonstrating keen timing…before bursting out in laughter.

Corden’s goodbye boasted a pair of powerhouse stars, Adele returning to the driver’s seat in a funny, impressive “Carpool Karaoke” rendering, which attracted 3.65 million viewers.

James Corden and Tom Cruise in”Hakuna Makata.”

Then Tom Cruise, not one to commonly get out of his comfort zone as a Hollywood biggie, was a good sport, joining Corden in a surprise cameo in “The Lion King,” and appeared in fuel regalia for the “Hakuna Makata” number, before a real audience at The Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles. Imagine the squeals of delight! ‘Twas also kinda a first, for a Broadway show, would accept this kind of intrusion, but certainly, it was win-win for Corden, Cruise and the Disney empire.

In the second segment, Harry Styles, in chic yellow pants and jacket, demonstrated his smooth style, offering “As It Was,” prompting social media buzz with more than 96,000 mentions and 932 million impressions.

Yep, ’twas TV at its best. …

One in, one out at DHT

Talk about confusing; Diamond Head Theatre has altered its 2023-24 season, in the midst of its campaign to get season subscribers to renew their subscriptions. The addition of one show and the exclusion of another has altered the lineup.

DHT will include Disney’s “Frozen,” and pegged it as a Hawaii premiere, beginning July 26.

That was the slot for “My Fair Lady,” and we erroneously said “Lady” was bumped in earlier reportage. But not so; it’s still aboard, moving up to a Dec. 1 premiere, replacing the previously-scheduled “Scrooge, the Stingiest Man in Town,” which has been yanked.

The rest of the season is intact: “Mamma Mia” bows Sept. 22, “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940,” opens Feb. 2; “Kiss Me Kate,” arrives April 5; and “Tootsie,” premieres May 31.

With “Scrooge” erased from the agenda, it’ll be the second season in a row where DHT has no Christmas show.

DHT needs to update its season flier, without “Scrooge,” but with “Frozen,” and with “Lady” in its new position.

Also, a new season flyer should be issued to season ticket holders, perhaps with a new cover message from John Rampage, DHT artistic director. …

And that’s Show Biz. …

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