‘Twas the morning of Christmas, and all through the ‘aina

Santa delivered plenty gifts, to his favorite kamaaina.

The coffee was perking, as Santa began snoozing

And even red-nosed Rudolph, had halted his eve-cruising.

A national concert tour, for Iam Tongi, “Idol” winner

And toss in a No. 1 chart hit, to make the wish keener.

For Bright Kid Ezekiel Kekuna (above), Young Simba in “Lion King”

A warm winter sweat shirt, plus a Disney “Lion” ring.

For LL Cool J (Hanna), an official welcome lei;

He’s joined Lachey’s “NCIS” team, more power for Hawaii Nei.

Another NBC renewal, for the “Magnum  P.I.” crew;

A 12-show order for Hernandez (left) and Weeks will certainly do.

For Jason Momoa, the “Aquaman” hottie;

A chic, stylist haircut would avoid seawater knottie.

For Dwayne Johnson, an island-filmed action flick;

Surely The Rock, can turn over this trick.

For Lahaina wildfire victims, a swift recovery, a new life;

There’s no easy resolution, to replace their grief, strife.

For Gov. Josh Green, patience, to mend Maui’s lingering pain

Well, funds from the Feds, ease the hurt, erase blame.

For Mayor Rick Blangiardi, more funding for services

Keep satellite city halls open, monitor homeless premises.

For Dennis Mahaffay (left), an art gallery show;

His pics and docs are super, they sparkle and glow.

For chef Roy Yamaguchi, another 35 years of success;

May his challenging KCC gig, yield more future chefs, not less.

For Waikiki hotel managers, look around your props;

Not much Hawaiian music? Yep, very scarce; mostly shops.

For Robert Cazimero (right), a cozy lounge with keyboards;

His serenades are splendid, so who’d come? Well, hordes.

Too, Jerry Santos is worthy, of his own venue, nook;

Search around, hoteliers, there’s space, if you just look.

Hawaiiana acts work, ask the Reef’s Kani Ka Pila;

With rotating musicians, and singers – think killah.

For Shari Lynn (left), Jim Howard, more nights of smooth jazz;

Maybe Loretta Ables Sayre, might join the razz-ma-tazz?

And brass at Consolidated, the dominant movie chain.

Reconsider your closures, no shame, no disdain.

Anyone disappointed, with the shrinking Star-Advertiser?

Two sections, little entertainment, not much for an early-riser.

For Bryan (left), Taimane, Herb Jr. and Jake?

Durable ukulele strings, that never will break.

For retired Roy Sakuma, continue teaching young strummers

Complete retirement, would really be bummers.

A “Prayer” that lingers, for Maila and Horace;

Does their annual holiday hit, have angels in the chorus?

More success for Fran Kakugawa (right), who has a new book

Sharing “Pearls” of wisdom, with a poetic  hook.

Remember Larry Fleece, a KGMB writer years ago?

His new novel is “The Get,” get it at Amazon, ho-ho-ho!

For chef Kelvin Ro (left), a new restaurant, maybe?

With farm-to-table yummies, that would be his new “baby”?

For all restaurateurs, glory, With Hale ‘Aina  and ‘Ilima.

More parodies, new gems, for comedian Frank DeLima

For Glenn Medeiros (right), the Saint Louis School president;

A show beyond Hale Koa’s? Well perhaps not, he’s hesitant.

Augie T has learned to juggle, as a council member and comic;

Did Greg Gabaylo teach him, to be nimble and super- sonic?

Periodic returns home, for Greg Zane, Ruthie Ann Miles;

Him to work, her to rest, would surely yield smiles.

For Henry Kapono and Jack Johnson (left), huge houses, packed shows;

And mahalo, hurrah, for their charitable glows.

For John Iervolino, welcome back to the scene;

Your new LP, with blue vinyl. is absolutely keen.

For DHT’s Trevor Tamashiro (right) and MVT’s Kathleen Young

More hot musicals, breezingly danced and sung.

For Amy Hanaiali‘i grapes, for her signature bottled wines;

And for those returning yule gifts, hope there are no long lines.

A grand musical comedy, for prolific Lee Cataluna (left),

Woo Keola Beamer, as the score-writing luna?

With many TV revivals, reboots, why not add a local one?

Methinks “All in the ‘Ohana” would be so much fun.

For Kevin Iwamoto (left) the nostalgia disc king;

His 70s songs are global faves now, so maybe, just once, he’ll sing?

For Jonathan Masaki,, Hawaii News Now traffic guy

A few more aloha shirts, so he doesn’t have to buy.

For Karen Keawehawaii (left), glue gun and glue sticks;

She’s a skillful home crafter, knows all the  DIY tricks.

For Mauian Keali‘I Reichel, who lives in chilly Pi‘iholo

Fleece-lined undies, when he goes holoholo.

For Audy Kimura (right), who adores pooches and kitties;

Since he’s a composer, too, might he write a few ditties?

For Mo, Ligaya and Allan, of the Bright Kids team:.

Blessings for perpetuating Ron Bright’s dream.

For Joseph Morales and Marc delaCruz

More “Hamilton” sellouts and stupendous reviews.

For Cha Thompson (left), gently used clothes

To stock her Farrington student “Closet,” to avoid empty-rack woes.

For Ricky and Vicki, good vibes and good health

And why not toss in, a parcel of wealth?

TV ratings numbers for Joe, Keala, and Steph

No one knows anymore, so let Nielsen be the ref.

More followers for Andy Bumatai, via shows on YouTube;

If you don’t watch, you’ll find up on YouBoob.

For Jay Larrin, snow, on the slopes of Mauna Kea;

For Carole Kai more “Hawaii Stars ” airing heah and deah.

For Martin Nievera, a return gig next year;

For the Makaha Sons blessings, from your fans so dear.

For Marlene Sai (left), a request, to revive your Liliuokalani role;

Tough chore, memory challenges, but such food for the soul.

For Martha Seroogy and her Blue Note crew;

Lots of star wattage, would season the brew.

Mahalo to my PT trainers, Josh (now) and Brian (then);

Still working on wellness, will see ya, dunno when.

To you, loyal readers, you Mr. and Ms.;

Mele Kalikimaka, good tidings…

And that’s Christmas Show Biz…


  1. Hi Wayne,
    Another great end of year column with all the news. You do such a good job! Mahalo nui Loa. Dolores(Auntie CLic CLic) Treffeisen

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