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I have come across three perfect meals – for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – that I’d like to share and suggest you try.

My favorite new breakfast is the sukiyaki at Heavenly Island Lifestyle at Koko Marina Center. It’s a hearty, fulfilling Japanese meal comprising an oishii entrée of sukiyaki, with beef, onions and tofu, swimming in a yummy broth.

This Japanese sukiyaki breakfast is heavenly, at Heavenly Island Lifestyle.

The sukiyaki is served in a steaming pot, complemented by a slightly poached egg that you pour into the pot so it self-cooks. A bowl of miso soup is a hearty waker-upper; I opted for white rice and a side of morning ocha (green tea). All together, the fare is near perfection. I wish there’d be konnyaku, the gelatinous and translucent noodles common in Japanese broth dishes, to join the party.

This morning marvel is $17, and like the restaurant’s name, heavenly…

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For lunch, who doesn’t enjoy a BLT sandwich?

Zippy’s always has made a great clubhouse but shelved it during the pandemic.

Zippy’s clubhouse is dine-in, not take-out, option.

But ordering it is tricky; it’s not on the menu, and it’s not a take-out option.

If you’re in the right dining room – I’ve had it at the Kaneohe restaurant, the Hawaii Kai restaurant before the dining room was shuttered, and most recently at the Kahala eatery twice – you’ve got to ask about availability.

The three-slices-of-bread classic, which comes with the requisite bacon, lettuce, and tomato, is anchored with oversized cocktail toothpicks to keep the sliced rectangular pieces in place. I order a side of fries (it could be included, but I’m not positive) but because I’ve been eating less than before, I usually eat two of the four wedges and  take home enough for a next-day lunch of dinner. A minute or so in the microwave rejuvenates the BLT, but eating cold is OK, too.

But remember: you can’t order this as a takeout item; it’s served as a dine-in option, where available. It’s about $20. …

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For dinner, try the beef donburi bowl at Don Quijote’s, available where plate lunches, musubi and other prepared meals are sold.

The beef donburi at Don Quijote’s is a great take-out dinner.

The donburi is served in bowl that features a bed of rice and a perfectly seasoned serving of thinly sliced beef, translucent onions, and red ginger. But wish there would be some konnyaku noodles here, too, to ramp up the flavors. All you need is a quick nuke and a great appetite. Cost: about $8…

Bon appetit…


  1. It still blows my mind that a sandwich at Zippys is $20! A sandwich!
    Zippys is about convenience. Portions are smaller, prices are bigger. A soda at Mililani Zippys was $5! Crazy.

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