What’s better than one crossover TV show? How about a three-way networking?

The online buzz, confirmed by recent CBS promos, is that the first-ever three-way crossover is set involving the three remaining “NCIS” shows  in the procedural’s stable on Jan. 2, dominating prime time from 7 to 10 p.m. that evening.

The three-hour-long block will assemble teams from the three shows who will unite in Washington, DC, to celebrate a FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) professor, who trained members from each squad. On the eve of the celebration, the prof is discovered dead of an apparent suicide and his former students immediately suspect foul play.

Familiar “NCIS” regulars, gathered for the triple crossover shows airing Jan 2.

First up, “NCIS” and its episode, entitled “Too Many Cooks,” where the teams will come together and sort out investigative strategies.

“Hawai’i” is next up at bat, via “Deep Fake,” where some agents will find themselves captured while some find assets arriving in the islands that could be connected to several overseas assassinations.

“L.A.” is the finale, with an episode called “A Long Time Coming,” with agents find themselves ambushed with each with a $200,000 bounty on their head.

One night, three thrillers and teams, proving there’s strength in numbers, with CBS banking on high ratings from the Good Ship NCIS. Remember when the flagship procedural gave birth to three other series: “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “NCIS: New Orleans,” and “NCIS: Hawai‘i” (New Orleans has been cancelled).

Mark Harmon

It would be a coup, if the flagship original show’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs –that would be Mark Harmon, who led the investigations as special agent Gibbs over 18 seasons – might be aboard, too. But it’s unlikely, since he has not been an on-camera regular for the past two seasons, though he has been credited as an executive producer for most of the run. He wanted out after season18, but remained for two appearances in season 19, to assure CBS to remain committed to the franchise.

Spoiler! Online buzz theorizes that a body bag figures in the crossover, with an unthinkable and unsettling discovery!

There have been some crossovers involving three shows still airing on three other fronts. The networks haven’t been toasting a three-bie  involving the trio of  “Chicago,” “FBI” and “Law and Order” franchises. One doctor or cop or fireman or investigator have made quick cameos in these camps. …

Sight ‘ems

Melanie Tojio Lockyer

I bumped into New York theater couple local actress-director Melanie Tojio Lockyer (“Miss Saigon,” “Allegiance”) and her actor husband Peter Lockyer (“Miss Saigon,” “Les Miserables,” “Chicago”) at the opening of “The Year Christmas Was Almost Cancelled last weekend at Mamiya Theatre. They’re holidaying here to visit her family but enjoyed a reunion of the holiday musical’s co-creators, Kyle Kakuno and Roslyn Catracchia.

At the recent Randy Rainbow concert at Hawaii Theatre, he asked the audiences during a Q&A moment, where he might find nightlife action following his concert. Several in the audience shouted “Hula’s,” and it was uncertain if Rainbow knew this was a gay hangout. I ran into Hula’s proprietor Jack Law, after the show, in a nearby parking garage, and he was all smiles. “Quite a plug,” said Law. Not likely that the comedian/parodist made the trek after the show. …

Broadway grosses, week ending Dec. 4

While “The Music Man” remains No. 1 as the top-grossing Broadway show with $3.083 million last week, “The Lion King” roared to the tune of $2.162 million for No. 2 creds, leaving “Hamilton” at No. 3 with a respectable $2.083 million.

Such is the see-sawing rankings, courtesy The Broadway League.

The numbers:

And that’s Show Biz. …

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