‘Twas the night before Christmas

And Santa wondered in his sleigh;

“What am I delivering

“For the folks of Hawaii Nei?”

Since the yuletide is on Sunday

His worries were tough;

Delivering his presents

On the Eve? Whoa, rough!

The coronavirus had challenged

His legion of elves.

Despite face masks and boosters

They could  barely fill his gift shelves.

Gov. Josh Green

For Governor Josh Green

Aloha wear aplenty

No more green scrubs

As work gear, evidently.

For LG Sylvia Luke

A roster of must-do chores

To validate her election

With projects she adores.

Mayor Rick Blangiardi

For Mayor Blangiardi

A special wishing well.

To get the rail rolling

Come high water or hell.

Another December vacation

For Barack and Michelle;

And a holiday title for Bette Midler:

The Jingle Belle.

Bruno Mars

For Bruno Mars another stint

As a Super Bowl half-time trouper

Pure talent; no frills,

Just Hooligans. Super duper.

And please, for Marcus Mariota,

Just let him be;

Still a QB work-in-progress

He’ll eventually get there. Whee!

And no more injuries

For the Dolphin’s QB Tua;

Plus a Super Bowl bid

Some day, for shuwah!

Jason Momoa

For Jason Momoa,

Less projects, more time.

To focus on authenticity

For his movies sublime.

For the “NCIS: Hawai‘I” crew

A Hawaiian language dictionary

To bolster pronunciation

Hey, the show’s not Pictionary.

Jay Hernandez

For“Magnum’s” Jay Hernandez

A welcome-back nod

For NBC, peacock feathers,

For a miracle…like God.

For the visiting “Hamilton” cast

Bravos, standing ovations!

Being in the room where it happens

Is cause  for celebrations.

Frank DeLima

For comic Frank DeLima;

More home-grown parodies

For prolific Henry Kapono

More feel-good isle melodies.

Robert Cazimero

For Robert Cazimero, what else?

A hefty 12-string pikake lei;

For Shari Lynn, a rescheduled

Jazz concert, soon, okay?

Another home-brewed concert

Clarke Bright

For Royal Hawaiian Band maestro Clarke Bright

May the ork returns to Carnegie Hall

‘Twould be aloha — book a flight!

And wouldn’t it be sweet

If there’s more collaboration

Between Kyle Kakuno and Roslyn Catracchia

For more yuletide exploration?

Loretta Ables Sayre

For Loretta Ables Sayre,

Deliver a Broadway show;

It’s time for her to rev up

Her singing, comedic glow.

For Judy Murata

A jug of good cheer.

For Danny Kaleikini

Perennial aloha that’s dear.

Frances Kakugawa

For author Frances Kakugawa

A fifth “Wordsworth” book.

For Alan Wong and Alan Takasaki

New kitchens where they’d cook.

For Vanita Rae Smith

More directing chores;

For the Bright Kid brand

A show to reopen the doors?

Kevin Iwamoto

For Kevin Iwamoto

No more plumbing leaks;

Dripping water, mold,

A mess no one seeks.

For the venerable Roy Sakuma

More time teaching kids;

The Ukulele Festival is pau

Anyone with new bids?

Cha Thompson

For retired Cha Thompson

Something simple, besides wealth;

More mo‘opuna time, less stress

A recipe for good health.

For Afatia and Misty

The Tihati Productions team

Bryan Tolentino

A new Polynesian show…

Would be a keen dream.

Jerry Santos

For Jerry Santos, Bryan Tolentino

More gigs small and big;

For Makana, Taimane

Rolando, too. Dig?

Keai ‘i Reichel

For Kuana, Keali‘i,

Two peas in a pod.

As singing kumu hula

They deserve halau nod.

Applause for Manoa Valley

For its vibrant website;

A nudge to Diamond Head

To catch up, shed light?

For Kimie Miner, a trophy

For her “Christmas in Hawaii” tune;

Kimie Miner

It’s surely a notable hottie

With lyrics that’ll make you swoon.

For my Mainland buds

Ellen, Christine and Willy?

Warm hoodies, of course,

It’s winter time, silly!

Audy Kimura

To animal advocate Audy

An arf and a meow.

Maybe a song to show

The rest of us how?

Carole? Melveen?

Nohe? Amy? Marlene?

Maybe it’s time to update

The Local Divas? Keen?

Kalani Pe’a

Or perhaps a Dudes version

With Keola?  Kapono?

Kapena? Kalani?

Would this be ho‘oponopono?

And why not assemble

An all-star band?

With Michael P., Jake S.

John K., Benny C. Grand!

Lee Cataluna

An Obie for Lee Cataluna

A Tony for Greg Zane;

A Pulitzer for Paul Theroux

Awards wish list..sane?

Jack Cione

For sea-worthy Jack Cione

A lifetime cruise pass.

With shipboard musicians

Ho‘okena, Makaha Sons. Class!

For Al Waterson and Nancy Bernal .

And Eddie Onouye and Carole Kai

Eternal happiiness and togetherness

And toss in a mai tai.

For Jay Larrin, joy

With snows on Mauna Kea;

For Nippon deejay Kamasami Kong

More fans here and deah.

For you, dearest readers

You Mr. and Ms.

Season’s tidings, aloha,

And that’s Christmas Show Biz. …


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