Let’s face it. Creating puns is joyful fun.

So what if we all get engaged in formulating punny stuff, utilizing familiar titles, complete with a one-sentence explanation? It requires you to use your imagination – select a notable title, followed by a brief description. See examples below – did some quickie thinking and came up with these creations. The punnier, the better. You can do it, too, so give it a try …

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The Impossible Drain – A plumber is enchanted with a windmill, so has a rough time unplugging stuffed drains,

Clothes Encounters of the Wurst Kind – A fashionista, obsessed with sausages and wurst, finds it impossible  to design dresses with hot dogs and wieners.

Hairy Plotter – a young magician gets infected with hairiness and thus is challenged to plot a career.

Gayder Ade – Gays discover a drink that protects their secret; useful if you’re still in the closet.

Burglar King – A monarch keeps asking, where’s the beef, when he knows he burgled the meat in the fridge.

Fellow, Dali! – An artist who paints the town, after meeting a matchmaker,  leading up to his opening of the Harmonic Gardens restaurant gallery.–

Fibber on the Hoof – A teller of fibs, who always escapes on foot.

Soaklahoma –Farmers from Oklahoma face a deluge caused by a tornado.

Scamalot– The nation is plagued by iPhone scam calls. A lot.

The Ring and Eye – A monarch in Thailand has visions of a prancing and dancing with a British nanny, et cetera et cetera et cetera.

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