Streelight Cadence, whose career as performers began a dozen years ago on the sidewalks, curbs and street corners of Waikiki, is at it again.

For 12 hours today (Dec. 5), beginning at noontime, the foursome will provide its signature music to busk for tips and raise funds for a Kickstarter campaign to help finance new recording, “Midnight.”

The group, comprising  Jonathon Franklin (vocals and violin), Brian Webb (cello), Jesse Shiroma (accordion and percussion), and Ben Chai  (acoustic guitar), will perform from noon at the Logos Bookstore at Ward Village, proceeding to Dave & Busters, weather permitting. The hoopla will be live-streaming via Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, through midnight.

Streetlight Cadence: back in Hawaii for busking and live-streaming today (Dec. 5).

“It’ll be a wet day today but we’re going for it,” the group said in a new posting online. “Come join us for the fun as we sing all day long (literally)  and perform our way into deliriousness.”

With time running out to raise funds for their campaign goal, the group will solicit pre-orders for their CDs, vinyl recordings, music boxes and assorted wares, including sweaters and socks.

Their mantra of, the past, has been “will play for food,” and who knows if that will emerge now, too.

Streetlight has earned two Na Hoku Hanohano Awards and has been Emmy-nominated for a reality TV series.

To watch the live streaming or make a campaign pledge, visit

Whee, the people

Vanessa Lachey

Vanessa Lachey, who portrays Jane Tennant in CBS’s “NCIS: Hawai‘i,” has landed another first. She already is the first woman to portray the honcho of the “NCIS” franchise; her first book, “Life From Scratch,” was just released on Nov. 30; but landing on the cover of this week’s People magazine, sharing the limelight with hubby Nick Lachey, is perhaps the cherry on the cake.  The profile explores her difficult childhood and her estranged mother, plus the joy of a happy marriage and her family including three kids. Thus, being a mother in her filmed-in-Hawaii role reflects her outlook of family values. …

What’s with Doug Shirai’s garage? The aforementioned “NCIS” utilized the space for earlier filming; and just recently, “Magnum, P.I.” did the same. Is the site on some kind of registry for potential island filming? Just wondering…

And that’s Show Biz. …

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