The mystery is confirmed, with the announcement that Chris Sanders — the only voice heard in Disney’s hit TV series and subsequent animated feature films — will continue to provide the words and sounds of Lilo’s sci-fi dog-like pet in the forthcoming “Lilo & Stitch” live-action movie.

Simply put, Stitch will be created by computer graphics, with genetically altered technology earlier embraced in the making of “The Lion King.” Not merely a dude in blue…but one with destructive power.

Thus, Sanders (pictured left)  will provide the voice and words for Lilo’s sci-fi dog-like alien.

As earlier announced, the Big Island’s Maia Kealoha, 6, has been cast as Lilo Pelekai, in her film debut.

The cast will include Sydney Agudong, 22,(pictured left), as Nani, Lilo’s sister. It’s also her big screen debut, though she has minor TV credits.

And Kahiai Machado (pictured left) will portray David Kawena, Lilo’s surfer friend, which was originally voiced by Jason Scott Lee in the original TV series. In this outing, David will emerge as Nani’s love interest.

Zach Galifianakis has been mentioned to portray Wendy Pleakly, a quirky Galactic Federation agent. Further, Billy Magnussen has been listed to be in the cast, though the role is unknown.

The new film will continue the exploits of Lilo and Stitch, extending their bond while still residing in Hawaii, and plagued by government agents and social workers, according to online reports.

The Dean Fleischer Camp is directing; the group has a background in comedy and is known for its “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On.” The screenplay was written by Chris Kekaniokalani Bright and the production is being overseen by Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich.

Though a release date is not yet firm, it’s likely to be on Disney+’s 2024 agenda. …

Tam among actors in ‘Earth Day’ concert

Jason Tam, Hawaii actor (“A Chorus Line,” “Jesus Christ Superstar”) will be among the participants in the second annual “Broadway Celebrates Earth Day” concert on Saturday (April 22) at Times Square.

The Broadway Green Alliance, in partnership with the Times Square Alliance, are co-hosting.

The event will be staged from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Broadway, between 45th and 46th Streets. If you happen to be New York, local boy Tam (pictured right) will appear in the morning program.

 Seth Rudestsky and James Wesley will host the concert. …

Broadway grosses, for week ending April 16

So “The Phantom of the Opera,” which closed April 16 after a 35 year run, left the building (the Majestic Theatre), taking along $3.739 million in its adieu.

The tally might’ve reached $4 million, because the finale included a lot of comps and likely a star-studded crowd eager to see the chandelier crash for the final time.

Here are the top seven shows, for the week ending April 16, with figures provided by The Broadway League:

1 — “The Phantom of the Opera,” $3.739 million.

2 — “The Lion King,” $2.825 million.

3 — “Wicked,” $2.251 million.

4– “Hamilton,” $2.040 million.

5 — “Sweeney Todd,” $1.789 million.

6 — “Funny Girl,” $1.762 million.

7 — “Aladdin,” $1.761 million. …

Here’s the complete list:

And that’s Show Biz. …

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