Just asking…

If you’re a Spectrum subscriber, have you noticed the frequency of issues that leave you without wi-fi, meaning no iPhone or computer service, and the loss of regular TV and streaming service?

It just happens so darn often.

Yesterday, there was no service from mid-morning. A call resulted in a message that there were problems in our area (Hawaii Kai).  Several hours later, the message was that power problems were in multiple communities.

Asked for a call-back, when repairs were done; follow-up message indicated service was restored. Not so.

Another call had to be made, since TV service was restored, but not with computer access.

Incoming emails apparently were stored, but no access till the whole system was up and running.

You’re a captive audience, so you need patience. And while you might be prisoner for half-a-day without service, you don’t get credit and a rate deduction in your monthly bill

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