Surely you’ve participated in a school classroom or work office ritual called “Secret Santa” during the holidays.

I don’t have fond memories or success with this illogical tradition. I mean, there’s usually a price ceiling, like $5 for school kids and perhaps $10 for working adults.

You usually pick a name, from a proverbial hat, of a classmate or an office co-worker, and they’re not supposed to know who the Secret Santa is.

Argh! What if your recipient is someone you have little to do with?

Argh again! What can you buy and wrap on a trinket budget?

You can’t not participate, so either you purchase a boring item, say a couple of ball point pens, or seek out a sale item even you wouldn’t want to receive.

This whole process is supposed to enhance holiday goodwill and cheer. But does it?

Methinks it brings out the Grinch instead.

Presents should come with sincerity and admiration, from the givers. So if you have classmates or workmates, you usually enchange gifts with anyway, why can’t the angst of the Secret Santa process be nullified?

What memories, or nightmares, do you have of this Secret Santa thing?

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