Anthony Ruivivar, the Hawaii-born actor, is part of the “Turner & Hooch” reboot today (July 21) on Disney+.

Ruivivar, the son of the late Society of Seven founder  Tony Ruivivar and Karen Ruivivar, doesn’t have the lead – he portrays a secondary character, U.S. Chief Marshal James Mendez – but he took liberties in an Instagram post of the Disney PR poster, in which he replaced the image of series lead Josh Peck (taking on the part of Scott Turner Jr., portraying the son of original actor Tom Hanks) and photoshopped his own image, with “Chief Mendez” scribbled. It’s a joke, of course, and Ruivivar is smiling behind the pooch, Hooch, which, of course, also has billing in the title.

It’s the kind of stuff that makes Instagram insane, sometimes.

The show was Hanks’ introduction to the world, in a sitcom that put him on the radar. This one is a sequel to the original, with Peck as Turner Jr., in a cop-buddy format except the dog is the partner in crime-solving.

The cast includes Lyndsy Fonseca as Laura Turner, Scott’s sister; Carra Patterson as Jessie Baxter, Venessa Lengies as Eric Mourniere, and Brandon Jay McClaren as Xavier Wilson. Jeremy Maguire is Matthew Garland, a dog-loving nephew of Turner.

Anthony Ruivivar’s image is on this Instagram poster for Disney’s “Turner and Hooch.”

As Chief Marshal, Ruivivar oversees Turner Jr. but is not particularly friendly with the canine, known its messy drooling.

The series filmed six episodes in Vancouver, British Columbia, during the pandemic last year, and was booked to premiere in a  Friday slot. But Disney’s “Loki” premieres have been highly successful on Wednesdays, that screenings were launched today (July 21) and continue through Aug. 25. …

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And that’s “Show Biz.” …


  1. Thanks for the update on Anthony Ruivivar. Too bad I don’t have Disney + so I am not able to watch this new show with Tony and Karen’s son. Miss him in all the previous shows he did on regular TV. Maye later on it will be on a regular channel.

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