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Remember stand-alone movie theaters?

Before the arrival of mega-plex movie theaters, there used to be your community go-to-place for film-watching. One screen only.

Palama Theatre

And it worked: screens in Kaimuki, Liliha, Kapahulu, Kailua, Kewalo, Kuhio (in Waikiki), Waikiki, Palama, Aala, etc. Titles rotated – though the Kuhio and Waikiki were deemed first-run spaces, becoming road show sites with extended showings of hit titles.

Kewalo Theatre

Other theaters had names like Royal, King, Queen, Princess, Liberty, Cinerama, Roosevelt, Golden Wall instead of place-oriented names.

Multi-plexes – sites with anywhere from six to 10 screens – are the norm now, offering choices of films and even luxe seats. And higher prices, for everything, from admission to snack bar items.

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