Remember when jack-o-lanterns were made from papier-mâché?

You could put a candle inside, so the glow made its eyes and mouth bright.

If you added a flame, you probably needed a stick attached to the lantern’s wire or cord to avoid getting burned.

No, it wasn’t safe.

Some kids used these unlighted pumpkins to collect their treats. Back in the day, you didn’t go for the huge haul to fill shopping bags.

You still can get these papier-mâché creations online; vintage ones can cost anywhere from $50 to $400. It would be a collectible item, if its origins date back, say, five decades.

But most kids nowadays don’t carry a jack-o-lantern, which are largely fashioned from plastic, and require a battery-supported “candle” for the glow.

So the question is, are jack-o-lanterns necessary anymore?

If you have a memory of the lanterns from yesteryear, share your thoughts here.

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