Kevin I., aka Kevin Iwamoto in his business-career realm, continues to receive heartening news about his 1980s recordings that have connected with a 2022 audience.

“Woke up this morning to two great emails from Pandora, a leading US music streaming platform saying that they have selected two songs from my latest release Love Songs Collection 1980-1985 (2022 Remaster) that will be added to their higher rotation playlist!,” he gleefully said via a recent Facebook post.

“That means much more streams and exposure to Pandora subscribers.”

The surge in interest in his oldies that have connected with a newbie listenership has been constantly giving him a lift in spirits, considering he’s now touring to promote his catalog of romantic ditties, recorded when he was an active balladeer in Honolulu.

Kevin I

“ This second release has generated more interest in my global music catalog and has boosted streaming numbers by 12,000 streams/ downloads just on Pandora with similar numbers on Spotify,” he commented. “Thank you Lord!”

Certainly, he spent time and bucks to remix, re-energize and release his original recordings, from yesteryear, not knowing what the outcome would be three decades later. You recall, too, that when he was home recently for the 50th anniversary of his Roosevelt High School class reunion, he gifted his former classmates with a limited edition CD that contained titles that global followers have been discovering and buying online.  …

The lesson here: Keep on top of your game; you never know when your career gets an unexpected reboot; taking a left turn might be the right move. Main thing, explore your options and chart your course. …

Lisa Konove reprises Ann Landers role

Honolulu actress Lisa Konove is winding up a brief run, portraying advice columnist Ann Landers, in a Beverly Arts Center  run of “The Lady With All the Answers,” ending today (Oct. 9) in Chicago. It’s her acting debut in The Windy City.

Lisa Konove

Konove did the  one-woman role in an earlier run at Diamond Head Theatre.

The casting was a reunion with BAC artistic director Kevin Pease, formerly of Hawaii, who directed Konove who played Jo in “Waitress” in the regional premiere of the musical. …

Ooops, a wardrobe malfunction

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger,  local girl and former lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls,  was out and about in New York recently when s polka dot dress with ruffled sleeves slipped for a moment, creating a tad of a nipple display.

She didn’t panic, apparently, and quickly raised her off-the-shoulder sleeves to recover from the mishap. Could be some folks didn’t recognize her because she was shielded with large sunglasses and gold hoop earrings, which might have distracted would be spectators. All in a day’s outing. …

And that’s Show Biz. …

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