Two islanders in Disney+ series

Two island actors, with roles in motion pictures, television and Broadway, will appear in separate Disney+ series in the weeks and months ahead.

Keala Settle, best known for her role as the Bearded Woman in Hugh Jackman’s “The Greatest Showman” flick in which she performed the Oscar-nominated “This Is Me” song, will have a recurring role in the just-released “Big Shot” series in which she will be playing Christina Winters, the mom of basketball player Destiny Winters, in the high school basketball  comedy starring John Stamos as coach Marvyn Korn. You may also know her for her Broadway appearances in “Waitress,” “Les Miserables,” and “Hands on the Hardbody,” and the most recent “Rent” revival on TV.

Keala Settle
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Anthony Ruivivar

Anthony Ruivivar, whose TV credits include “Third Watch,” is completing filming of a reboot of “Turner & Hooch,” in which he will perform as U.S. Marshall James Mendez. The series, starring Josh Peck as Stuart Turner, is completing production in Vancouver, B.C., will premiere July 16 and its 12 weekly episodes will air through Oct. 1.  You may recall Ruivivar from TV shows like “Blue Bloods,” “Hawaii Five-0” and “American Horror Story”   and films including “Starship Troopers,” “Tropic Thunder,” and “Race the Sun.”


Curiously, two island theater stages will offer comedies focusing on lovelorn columnists in the weeks ahead.

  • At Diamond Head Theatre, “The Lady With all the Answers,” premiers April 23. It’s a play by David Rambo, inspired by the newspaper column, “Dear Ann Landers,” that explored romance, heartbreak, and inquiries from singles and couples with a myriad problems, in search of resolution. Esther Pauline Lederer is the actual columnist whose pen name was Ann Landers, and she helped thousands of folks to sort out issues that plagued them in their daily lives, when, in fact, she was personally struggling with her own problems. The show runs through May 2. Tickets: $22.

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  • At Manoa Valley. Theatre, “Tiny Beautiful Things,” about a struggling woman writer who takes an unpaid role as an advice columnist, debuts May 23. The play, by Cheryl Strayed, looks at a fictional writer trying to overcome problems big and small, attempting to resolve questions that have no immediate answers. The show will run through May 23. Tickets: $40 adults, $35 seniors and military, $22 youths 25 and younger. Call 988-6131 or visit

At both theaters, social distancing procedures will be in place and face masks are required for admission.

Just asking…

Just asking…

Harrison Ford, who is 78, will be doing yet another “Indiana Jones” sequel, for now dubbed “Indiana Jones 5.”

Sure, everyone loves his swashbuckling stature, but No. 5? Ain’t it time to call it quits?

The good news: George Lucas, of “Star Wars” fame, will be on board as executive producer.

The bad news: Steven Spielberg won’t be directing but will be retained as a producer; James Mangold will sit in the director’s chair.

The  Disney project is in pre-production phase, targeting a theatrical release in July 2022, coronavirus issues notwithstanding.
Ford turns 79 on July 13, was in his late 30s when he did the original “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (filmed in 1981), which begs the question: Can he still pull it off nearly 30 years later?

Of course, his name is box office gold. It’s franchise, like “Star Wars,” also is golden for the marquee. And yep, he looks grand ‘neath that fedora.

So, let’s see how this one plays out…

Harmon to stay on ‘NCIS’ but no DiZonno for Hawaii

This just in: Mark Harmon, the star of CBS’ “NCIS,” has decided to sign for another season, which means his character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, will be back this fall for the procedural’s 19th season.

According to The Holllywood Reporter, Harmon’s decision to remain on the network’s most popular show extended the life of the series; he also serves as an executive producer.

If he didn’t agree to return as the centrifugal force of the No. 1 investigative show on prime time, the show would have been shuttered.

There were layered concerns – if Harmon exited, would the show continue and hope he might make limited recurring appearances? Though “NCIS” will extend its run one more year, Harmon has not expressed a desire to appear full time, since the coronavirus pandemic continues. Covid has cut the number of episodes during the 17th and 18th season, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The recent decision also does not mention a second year extended to  make it the 20th season. To date, TV’s longest-running show is  NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU,” which has been on air for 21 seasons and gunning for 22 his fall.

Harmon’s decision to keep the brand going also gives impetus to “NCIS: Hawaii,” which is primed to be on the fall agenda with execs from the soon-to-shut-down “NCIS: New Orleans,” ending its seventh year, serving as the new island team.

Meanwhile, “NCIS: Los Angeles” – in its 12th year, going on 13–also will continue, with possible crossover episodes with the Hawaii spinoff.

And CBS’ “Magnum P.I.” has been renewed for a fourth season, meaning Hawaii will again have two live action shows competing for actors and locations since the earlier termination of the “Hawaii Five-0” reboot.

But CBS’ “Bull,” starring Michael Weatherly, also has been granted a sixth season, thus putting to rest to the rumors and hope that  the actor might become part of the Hawaii “NCIS” as Tony DiNozzo.



Just asking:

Tighty whiteys or colored boxers or briefs?

Today’s query is for gents: Are you a tighty whitey wearer?

Over the years, basic white underwear were popular, at least among dads and grandpas.
Nowadays, it’s colored briefs or boxers.

What’s your take?

Tighty whitey. Colored briefs