Police everywhere, here and on the mainland, are either loved or loathed.

Like facemask-wearing and vaccination shots, they cause people to take sides, notably if and where there are good deeds or bad deeds.

With happenings within the Honolulu Police Department in recent days/weeks, I felt compelled to post an observation and perhaps spur a discussion about actions and behaviors of our local cops.

Thus, this is a moment of Good Cops … Bad Cops.

On the good side, three HPD members – prior to the 9/11 anniversary on Sept. 11 – released a ‘swonderful version of Lee Greenwood’s patriotic anthem, “God Bless the U.S.A.” And God bless them, indeed.

The video, launched on YouTube, incorporated local places of significance to the mix, making this version by and for the locals.

So bravo, to Officer Taylor Hoopii , Officer Bill Sapolu, and  Officer Cameron Tuitele. You might remember them from the Touch of Gold group, specializing in nostalgic music of the recent past, and harmonies that tug the heart. The musical accompaniment was by Clarke Tuitele. You can view the clip here:   

It’s such an emotional, enterprising video, and many folks call it a keeper, because the joy and pride never stop, when you replay and replay.

On the Bad Cops side, a trio of Honolulu officers on duty in Makaha are facing potential criminal charges for allegedly fleeing the scene of a critical accident, following a high-speed auto chase by the men in blue a few nights back.

A hit-and-run implication possibly exists, since the three officers in District 8  – as yet, not identified – were apparently the ones pursuing a car of youths partying at Maili Beach Park. The vehicle carried a boy, 14, and five others, and the boy is paralyzed from the neck down and is incapable of speaking, with the young driver of the car, one of the five in the vehicle, also hospitalized and on life support. They have not been identified either, but some are being represented by attorney Eric A. Seitz, overseeing legal matters.

Obviously, this was a case of a speeding vehicle (which careened into two properties) chased by three officers, who apparently didn’t stop to give aid … until someone called 911, according to one area witness on Hawaii News Now.

This clearly smells a court case in the making, and surely a black eye for HPD. …

Happy talk

Vanessa Lachey

Actress Vanessa Lachey, who makes her debut as Jane Tennant, agent-in-charge of “NCIS: Hawai‘i,” when it premieres Monday (Sept. 20 on CBS), has posted an Instagram video, sharing an emotion-charge response the moment she learned she landed the role several months back.

“I’m in the car and I just found out I got the job,” Lachey says through her sobbing tears. “I couldn’t take a video because I was on the phone. I don’t know what to do; I don’t know what to do. Thank you. I’m so happy.”

Phoenix, her 4-year-old son with husband Nick Lachey, was in the back seat. “He doesn’t know what we’re happy about.” …

Also happy news: CBS has finally included the ‘okina in its “NCIS: Hawai’i” logos. …

And that’s Show Biz. …


  1. Hi Wayne,

    Nice you tube video with the HPD guys. Mahalo. Also nice write up for NCIS Hawaii, Just hope it does OK when the “Good Doctor” returns as it will have some competition. Aloha Dolores

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