At 95, showman Jack Cione has slowed his gait and his memory fades off and on.

Yet, he is in the midst of prepping the Arcadia Follies set for 7:30 p.m. Sept. 7, 8 and 9 and 2:30 p.m. Sept. 10 at the Arcadia’s theater space on Punahou Street.

“This is my last one,” Cione (pictured left) said the other day. “I really think so, because I’m moving slower and I often forget what I taught the cast.”

He selects tunes for the cavalcade of melodies, and assigns tasks and teaches the choreography  to the cast. Several years ago, “the last one” was  to be the final one,  and the concept put to rest,  prior to the pandemic.

But there Cione is again, still an active Arcadian, tooling around on a scooter, since he has difficulty walking. The cane and the walker are history now.

“Broadway Babies” is the theme of the production, featuring veteran regulars like Elva Yoshihara and Sheila Black, who will be among the “Babes” in the cast of 30, with origins from such shows as “Hello,  Dolly,” “Mame,” and “Mary Poppins.”

Outsiders (non Arcadians) such as Becky Hahn, Faith Agbayani and John and Karen Kotake are also faces and dancers you might recall, if you’ve been to previous Follies.

Cione’s tact is to have his cast lip-synch to notable show tunes – this year’s show will highlight tunes from shows like “Pippin’” – and fortunately, costumes that were featured in past productions will be back, likely with a new wrinkle and twinkle.

See, when Cione decided to throw in the towel, some of the costumes were sold but many were retained by costumer Bill Dougherty, who oversaw the gear back in the day.

When he died, the costumes were bequeathed to Hahn, who happily stored them in her basement and has helped return some to their original glory for yet another go.

The show is free to Arcadians and their guests, so unless you know someone in that senior facility, you can’t have access. …


Singer Mary Gutzi’s (pictured right) in the spotlight, from 7 to 10 p.m. today (July 22), at the Paradise Lounge of the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Her buddy Shari Lynn will return there, same timetable, on Aug. 5, then Shari and hubby Michael Acebedo, will head for a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate his  80th birthday. They return around Sept. 14 …

Gail Mack (pictured left) and Gordon Kim have been a singing duo for several decades now, after their George Street group disbanded. So if you’re a fan/follower, you might want to check ‘em out from 5 to 8 p.m. Aug. 20, at Mango Street Grill, at 130 Mango St., in Wahiawa. I don’t get around much anymore, but you might explore and join them. (I get my Gail Mack treat during the holidays, when her beloved “It’s Christmas Once More in Hawaii Nei” gets constant radio play. )…

But here’s some lovely news, that you can plan ahead to attend. Gail and Gordon will be joined by Jerry Santos (pictured right), Kamuela Kimokeo and Steve Lucas, Dec. 23, at Mango Street, in what seems to be a Christmas present. For information, call (808) 627-5451, and reservations are suggested.

Santos warrants a regular gig in Waikiki, with his group Olomana, but even before the pandemic, it’s been tough for anyone to land a club. Hotels neglect to do their part in turning around the slump in business, and despite knowing that on-site music is an amenity worth offering to visitors, there seems to be no upward move to return to the days of glory .,..

And that’s Show Biz. …


    1. Santos surely has guest-performed there, but not as the resident regular at Kani Ka Pila. Format there is to vary the music-makers, which is great, Jerry and Olomana deserve a place to call home again…

  1. As a young Marine stationed at KMCAS in the late ‘60’s I frequently visited the “Dunes” out by the airport. Along with the “Merry Monarch” and “Beef and Grog”. Serena who was a server there and I shared an apartment in Kaimaki after I left the Marines.

  2. .Sure miss Olomana. They were one of my favorite groups. With o many hotels in Waikiki there surely are enough venues for all to share. Dolores Treffeisen

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