Remember the food nibbles you got, at Costco outlets?

Might have been a morsel of Belgian waffles, a meatball, or a piece of Kirkland chocolates.

What about the mini-cup of somen at Marukai, or a wedge of a new brownie or cookie from Big Island Candies?

The pandemic made these nibbles-on-toothpicks taboo. Back in the day, I know a few fellas who mixed 40 minutes of Costco shopping to land six to eight freebies on his lunch hour. And with coronavirus, part-time hawkers of the goodies also lost their jobs.

There’s online chatter that some Costcos on the Mainland have been giving out “dry samples” –pre-packaged stuff – but not here.

What memories do you have of these now-gone promotions?


  1. I actually don’t miss the supermarket nibbles as I’ve always been quite phobic about displays of food with hundreds of people hovering over them before choosing their sample. Uncannily, when I would see them or be offered a taste, my only thoughts were about disease and pandemics. I know, what a kill-joy!!! Ha! Ha! So, I can honestly say that their removal from the stores, due to COVID-19, didn’t phase me in the least.

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