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Is mask-wearing still a matter for debate?

Seems like the wearing of face masks in Hawaii is a no-brainer – science shows it shields you from catching the virus, or spreading it if you’re infected.

Masking/vaxxing: Still an issue?

Sadly, amid rising COVID-19 stats, this mask thing continues to be an issue to discuss.  Seems the delta variant – more devastating, if you catch it — is a major player in the new, mounting wave of COVID deaths.

A local expert predicts that the pandemic will around for two more years. Will the unvaccinated souls be around then? Remember, there’s a segment of folks who say that the right to say no to the shot is a matter of choice; that it shouldn’t be a mandate to wear it under specific circumstance

Getting vaccinated hasn’t yet reached the state’s goal of 70 per cent  (stalled at 60+ per cent) and continues to be a challenge.

So is vaxxing still an issue? Will we ever see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Yes, there’s still resistance, in pockets of the community, where some won’t roll up sleeves to get the free shots for a variety of dubious reasons. Religious beliefs. Personal rights. Nixing the vaxx that Democrats are pushing, even though the GOP got the ball rolling an administration ago.

Among the naysayers, it’s their freedom to be mask-free or unvaxxed.

That’s one of the reasons why Frank DeLima has once more been tapped to non-vaxxers to get that shot.

Further: the lieutenant governor has been contemplating a possible lockdown again – remember those horrid times – as hospitals are running out of patient beds, covid numbers surging.

The bottom line: About 95 per cent of recent COVID deaths are folks who weren’t vaxxed. Consequently, does this make any sense to pass on the shot?  

Get one, if you haven’t; it’s protection for you, your family, and others.

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  1. Vaccination is a health issue, not a moral, political, religious, free choice issue. Plain and simple: it’s a health issue. It’s a live or die issue.George Takei posted a thought a group of us has been expressing: That those non-vaccinated people who are crashing our medical ER and hospitals ought to be last in line with those who are vaccinated be in front of the line. He is getting a lot of flack on this. I added that for the sake of keeping all of us alive, health insurance companies ought to join the move to vaccinate people by not covering non-vaccinated folks. Severe…how else can these people be educated. Waiting for free coupons and payments to be vaccinated? How do we educate these people who are being so irresponsible?

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