Just asking…

Just asking…

Harrison Ford, who is 78, will be doing yet another “Indiana Jones” sequel, for now dubbed “Indiana Jones 5.”

Sure, everyone loves his swashbuckling stature, but No. 5? Ain’t it time to call it quits?

The good news: George Lucas, of “Star Wars” fame, will be on board as executive producer.

The bad news: Steven Spielberg won’t be directing but will be retained as a producer; James Mangold will sit in the director’s chair.

The  Disney project is in pre-production phase, targeting a theatrical release in July 2022, coronavirus issues notwithstanding.
Ford turns 79 on July 13, was in his late 30s when he did the original “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (filmed in 1981), which begs the question: Can he still pull it off nearly 30 years later?

Of course, his name is box office gold. It’s franchise, like “Star Wars,” also is golden for the marquee. And yep, he looks grand ‘neath that fedora.

So, let’s see how this one plays out…

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