Just asking…

How many doctors do you regularly visit?

And how many is too many?

Back in the day, life was simpler. You had one doctor for everything: a cold, a stiff neck,an aching stomach, a bruised chest. Two, if you included a dentist.

And way, way back, your doctor possibly made home visits. (Young ones, ask your grandparents).

How life has changed.

Nowadays, I count five doctors in my life.  Si, if you include my dentist.
My primary physician also is a rheumatologist, and he’s the one I see most regularly.

But I also have a cardiologist, a back pain doctor, an eye doctor, and a urologist. Plus a dentist.

Not so regular, in terms of visits: a back doctor, a dermatologist, an oral surgeon, and an ear-nose-throat specialist.

Oh, forgot one: I had two visits with a gastroenterologist over a decade or so, but stopped doing colonoscopies.  

Is it because of age, when you tend to have more problems that require a specialist?

Or is it the way of life now, where you have issues that your primary doc can’t handle, hence referring you to a specialist?

So how many docs are in your life?

Just asking…


  1. Hi Wayne,

    Wow your sure keep the doctors busy and rich! I have a family doc now here at Redeemer and foot doc comes every 9 weeks to treat the residents here. I am scared of the dentist (have always been since I was a kid).Then there is the eye doc and Miracle Ear place where I got my hearing aid. Haven’t been to the kidney doc since I came out of rehab(for broken femur) Feb a year ago and had those stones blasted. Problem now is when you go on the van to the docs now you need an aide to go with you because of being in a wheel chair and that costs $30 per hr. wow!

    Take care. Aloha Dolores

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