Let’s talk cars: What brand of car was the very first you owned or drove?

And how many cars have you owned or driven since?

I remember my  first vehicle, after obtaining a license, was my family’s Dodge.

The first car I bought, after getting married, was a Ford. A second Ford followed.

Then I switched to a Mazda, my third vehicle.

I discovered the Nissan brand, so had a Pathfinder SUV for a spell. — the height of an SUV gave you a better view of the traffic,

Then I moved up to the Infiniti brand, getting an Infiniti SUV, even if gasoline prices were high. ‘Twas all about the height and view again.

Returned to a sedan, switching to a sleek Infiniti G35, then acquired my dream car, the Infiniti Q50, and recently upgraded to a “loaded” Q50, a previously-owned model (my first “used” car.

So the count of “owned” cars:  Eight over a little more than five decades.

Reason for sticking to Infiniti: Dependability and value (kept two models for more than 100,000 miles) and service (never had issues, always had a loaner when servicing).

What’s your history on wheels?

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