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It’s never a perfect world, but when the Blaisdell Concert Hall is renovated – timetable not yet confirmed – shouldn’t it include either an escalator and/or elevator, so the disabled or wobbly seniors can secure balcony seats without having to struggle up and down stairs?

These amenities should have been in the original plans of the Neal Blaisdell Center.

And wouldn’t it be wonderful if an on-site restaurant be in the mix of participating vendors?

Clearly, the Concert Hall should retain  the dual lobby and up-front lavatory facilities, for convenience.

An improved sound system for the house would enhance performances, too

Anything to add to the wish list for the concert hall?


  1. I couldn’t agree more, but my understanding is most of the changes will be unseen as they are replacing outdated infrastructure and equipment. I wouldn’t mind a few more stories of parking, either! I don’t know about the escalator,

  2. I like your thinking Wayne! An elevator would be the safest. I like the idea of a restaurant or at least some better food options. Most important is the acoustics for the musicians and the audience. The New York Philharmonic finally had its concert hall redone for better acoustics (they took out a bunch of seats to help as well). They even have some seats behind the orchestra.

    John Kolivas

  3. Elevator! This help with guest that have wheelchair, walker, kneeling scooter, canes etc.. But the Escalator would help a lot of people too. So I guess I would put in both.

  4. Improvements are needed, badly. I like the notion of seats behind the orchestra — a different view, a curious perspective. I recall at some Broadway shows, audiences were seated to the left and right of the actors — again, a radical perspective. What was astounding; after intermission, many seats were vacant — a stunning “review” that all’s well doesn’t end well. Just sharing…

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