Just asking…

Have you served on a jury?

It’s a civil responsibility, or so they say, starting with that envelope that beckons you to a court visit, to see if you qualify. Some love serving, surely not for the dough, free parking included.

Maybe it’s curiosity, if you get a complicated case.

Some fear the notice, because it’s possibly inconvenient, since you have a job, care for kids at home, provide caregiving for an ill relative, for any other conceivable notion—you’re prejudicial, you’re nursing an injury, you’re pregnant and due in three months, you’re deaf or blind and have difficulty to commute, you’re wheelchair-bound and have mobility issues. Whatever. The judge decides if your reason is valid enough to skip the service, but you are obligated to respond to the summons and appear in court to seek excusal. You’re expected to serve, or at least answer the call…unless you’re age 80 or older.

Among those who qualify to be excused include politicians, police and first-responders, mothers who are breast-feeding, those serving in the military. What recollection do you have about your jury-call or jury-served experience?

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