If you like haupia and kulolo, two popular Hawaiian desserts, you should enjoy the hybrid product called Haulolo, produced by a Kailua company and sold locally in select stores. I have some reservations, however.

The “hau” refers to haupia, the pudding-like white treat made from coconut milk. The “lolo” refers to kulolo, the healthy and tasty purple-ish dessert made from taro.

I found and bought the Haulolo at Foodland Farms. Times Supermarkets should have it, too, and perhaps a few 7-Elevens. You’ll find it where poi, the Hawaiian staple, is sold in a refrigerated  (not freezer) shelf.  At Foodland, seek Haulolo next to the poke counter.

So, how’s the taste? Sweet and  delightful. But you’ll find more haupia than kulolo, and the kulolo sticks to the bottom of the plastic bento-type tray, and there’s perhaps a quarter inch of the purple treat, beneath about an inch of haupia. When you cut the product, you can’t get the kulolo to stay  ‘neath the  haupia, so I spooned the kulolo and placed it atop the white haupia. In the accompanying photo, you’ll see traces of kulolo on top of the haupia — not pretty, but it (sorta) works.

 It’s a bit messy to serve, but it’s ono –  too bad the kulolo can’t be firmer to serve as a crust…like a graham cracker bottom of a chocolate pudding pie. Perhaps the better notion would be to purchase haupia and kulollo separately, in portions to your liking.


  1. Agree that are delicious separately and not together because of the difference in consistency between the two. It’s a good idea though.

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