We all had ‘em, growing-up time. You know, foods you hated.

As an adult, most of the hatred disappeared. But the memories linger.

Here’s an admission from the memory bank.

Sliced raw tomatoes were foods I hated as a kid.

I hated raw, sliced tomato. You know, the sliver that came with most burgers and some sandwiches. What I did was glide and remove the red veggie from the burger to the plate.

But there were other foods that were a struggle to swallow; over the decades, I learned to get accustomed to some:

  • Raw celery. The taste was, well, offensive. Can now eat ‘em if chopped small in a salad; in stews, it’s OK now.
Raw celery was on my list, too, but I now can handle cooked and finely-chopped salad celer
  • Natto. The icky, sticky fermented soy bean thing. In my book: This. Was. Not. Food. Still can’t handle it.
  • Peppers. Green ones, red ones, yellow ones. Recall the time I went to a luncheon and a tuna-stuffed red pepper was the meal. I only could eat the tuna. Now, I can handle red and yellow peppers, raw or cooked. Still don’t enjoy the green ones.
  • Pickles. Large, small, chopped – still don’t eat them. Yep, they’re removed from my Big Mac at McDonald’s. Have tried to appreciate Italian dills, particularly the ones that taste like local-style pickled cucumbers.
  • Raw onions. Will eat the sweet Maui onions, even raw; cooked sliced onions are OK. Chopped fine in salads, OK.
  • Siracha hot sauce, the kind of heat that makes you sweat. In the “hot’ realm, I don’t enjoy buffalo wings, really hot kim chee, and anything seasoned with the heat, from chips to anything “flaming.”
  • Raw oysters. My biggest faux pas, as an adult, was ordering a dozen oysters that I thought would be Oysters Rockeller (cooked). Still can’t handle raw oysters.

What foodstuff couldn’t you handle when you were growing up?…


  1. Hi Wayne.

    One thing I used to hate when I was a kid was the olives my aunt would put in our salads so when she wasn’t looking i would take them out put them in my pocket and then toss in the kitchen trash can(HA) .Also she made liver for dinner and when we asked what kind of meat it was she would just say it’s meat eat it!

    Aloha Dolores Treffeisen

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