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In year two of the pandemic, should kids trick-or-treat?

Last year, Halloween was a washout  because of coronavirus.

Trick-or-treating: A go or no?

Though it’s safer now than a year ago, should island keiki (high schoolers included) roam the streets with the Halloween masks or pandemic masks to gather  candy and other treats even if they likely won’t eat anyway?

This is not your older sibling’s Halloween, when kids not only had a bag for treats, but carried a jack-o-lantern (with candle, years ago; with batteries, in more recent times). Do you remember jack-o-lanterns?

There still remains that magic number 10 for outdoor gatherings and there are clusters of dozens in costumes  parading down the streets, often in clusters larger than 10,  to collect the sweets.

So what’s your plan? Keep the kids at home? Don’t hand out treats?


  1. Great to read all the down the memory lane items. I remember going out to eat at Waialana Coffee Shop with my friends after they were finished their gig at the Moana Banyan Court (Wally and the Whalers). It was hard to not want to snack so late at night after I returned to the mainland.

    Aloha Dolores

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