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Have you ever had a tomahawk rib-eye steak?

Neither have I.

For meat lovers, this might possibly be the ultimate dream entrée.. You won’t find it at an Outback Steak House, simply because the tomahawk is a premium cut, likely not on a steak emporium’s everyday menu, but truly a special menu item, when available.

More than being a pricey item —  I’ve seen some online mentions of $100 to $400-plus – this hefty steak, commonly 40-oz. of joy, has a wow factor. Have you seen a platter boasting a tomahawk that passes your table? Everyone looks and you’ll hear the the reactionary oohs and ahhs.

So, what, exactly, is a tomahawk steak? According to Ruth’s Chris Steak House, the tomahawk is essentially a special cut of a ribeye beef steak with at least five inches of the rib bone intact. The longish French-trimmed bone creates what resembles a handle; “Frenching” is a culinary technique also utilized to shape a rack of lamb.

And obviously, the “tomahawk” element refers to a Native American axe, and the steak size makes it look like weapon one could yield.

I wouldn’t order one anytime soon, since I’m still in recovery mode of the removal of my gall bladder, and my current diet does not include meat. Then again, if I someday order a steak, a ribeye, with bone in, would be better suited to my appetite and budget. A tomahawk could easily feed four. But joy of joys; to have that massive bone to-go, to gnaw and nibble at home, would be blissful.

If you’re tomahawk inclined, you might inquire at such steak houses as Hy’s Steak House, Wolfgang’s, Signature, Ruth’s Chris and possibly Roy’s.

Share your reaction if you make the plunge and go for it.


  1. Yup…I have! Last year, around Oct., Costco in Kahului had tomahawk steaks on sale for $9.99/lb., so I bought four. Fired up the barbie and chee hoo! Yummy!

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