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Do you have a hobby? How did it start, and has it been an ongoing passion?

Many folks are addicted to collecting something or continue to have activities that are part of your life.

I collect apples, because I made annual trips to The Big Apple, the nickname for New York City. When I traveled there, or for that matter, any city, I would purchase apples of any kind: ceramic, wood, plastic, metallic, you name it. Apples in red, green, yellow, brown (if wooden) and gold (if metallic); a number of red apples boast a yellow “glow.”

Apples commonly are life-size, meaning they look like what you see in markets.

But renderings range from carved, to resemble bites in the apple, some are “sliced” to depict the white fruit complete with seeds. Some ornamental red apples glow with red beads, giving them a sparkly veneer, others are striped or polka-dotted. There are no limitations; I even have a tic-tac-toe board…with mini green and red apples.

My Christmas tree used to be home for dozens of apple-red glossy ornaments.

Seriously, you need display space for these collectibles; and that is a reason I’ve toned down my apple purchases. Some are scattered to add a dash of color on bookshelves; others are assembled in glass bowls, so the variety can be seen. Still others are nestled in woven baskets.

If you have a hobby – anything from sports trading cards, vintage milk covers, Disney figurines, coins or stamps – please share your thoughts.


  1. Shortly after John (my now husband) and I started dating, a very large and elegant penguin appeared at my front door. (interesting courting technique) That was the beginning of a 25 plus year of collecting and friends giving me anything “penguin”. It came to an end when I received a penguin telephone. When it rang, the eyes would light up and you had to speak into the lower part of the body. It was a little too much. Fortunately, I had a client who also collected penguins and he was delighted to take my collection. I kept one.

  2. Hurray for you, for at least swimming through your penguin period. Once you start, it’s incredible how many said items are available. I had a (late) friend who was fixated on beavers, another was a cat collector (real and faux) and still another collected owls. So: in retrospect, you’re right; when friends know what your collecting, your numbers go up. Luckily for me, apples are doable and still delightful, but selectivity becomes the bottom line when it comes to acquisition time. Maybe I’m ripe for a bite of the apple, after this pandemic cools off.

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