Comedian Frank DeLima tackles a common New Year’s resolution dilemma, wondering “What I going to do ‘bout my big opu?”

It’s fun stuff – creating parodies is his passion, when he’s not doing his daytime school tours or doing a rare night club gig – and his newest video (with tongue firmly in cheek) alleges he’s uncertain what to do with his swelling opu.

The observation, clearly, is that overeating at the holiday parties is the lure.

Frank DeLima

Potluck buffet lines, ono grinds, tasty treats ‘neath the Christmas tree.

We’ve all been through this over time, and restraint is not the common rule when snacks and celebrations challenge you to indulge.

“Now I know how fo get rid of my big opu,” he sings, clearly aware that over-indulgence is the villain. The remedy is not exactly exciting, as he continues, “Eat food dat taste like sawdust ad cardboard, too “Drink plenny wadda, keep da tummy full.”

While DeLima’s video reflects growing confidence and comfort in making these parodies, the overweight issue seems to be overplayed every season, and continues to be a steady lament but impossible scheme for most.


You may recognize the melody as “Red Opu,” a composition by R. Alex Anderson, and recorded by Clara Inter, aka Hilo Hattie.

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Cione hospitalized with pneumonia

Jack Cione, veteran show entrepreneur, has been battling pneumonia and is in isolation at a local hospital. An Arcadia resident, Cione was admitted to the hospital a few days after he returned from a cruise around the neighbor islands before Christmas, and he may have picked up the virus on the trip.

Jack Cione

A colleague reports that Cione has difficulty breathing and consequently has been on oxygen.

He has difficulty talking, too, so the swarm of phone calls from concerned friends should be halted.

A perennial active sort, Cione last month secured an electric scooter to assist in his mobility, and he scootered to the cruise ship instead of walking with his cane.

He may have retrieved his iPad so could possibly be stimulated to check emails and keep up with world news, but perhaps it’s best that allies send get-well cards to him at the Arcadia, which would be a welcome gift when he’s released from the hospital. Get well, Jack, we all miss you and send prayers and tidings of cheer. …

And that’s Show Biz. …


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