What happens, when you’re in the group Ho’okena and you add a fourth member to the group who’s formerly from the Makaha Sons?

You take a bit of one group’s name and attach it to another. In the aforementioned case, Makena is the inventive, apropos result of the union.

Ho’okena has billed this group Makena in a couple of earlier bookings, but you can see ‘em live tomorrow night (March 19) at Kaneka Pila Grille at the Outrigger Reef Hotel.  The Makana Sons’ Louis “Moon” Kauakahi will be joining Ho’okena’s Horace Dudoit III, Chris Kamaka and Glen Smith.

Louis “Moon” Kauakahi

Clever, yeah?

So what if Ben Vegas, who is teaming up with John Valentine at Medici’s at Manoa Marketplace tomorrow night (March 19), decided to become semiregular musical buddies. Could they be Vegatine or Valgas?

Jerry Santos has been the head of Olomana for quite a while now. If he partnered with Jerome Koko of the Makaha Sons, would the twosome be dubbed Olokaha or Makamana?

Or maybe Olomana and Kalapana would blend for a show. Would they be Olopana or Kalamana?

Horace Dudoit III

And if Robert Cazimero and Brother Noland Conjugacion collaborate as a duo, could they be Nobert or Robland, or Cazigacion or Conjumero?

If Kapena and Ehukai bonded, would they be Kapekai or Ehupena?  And what about Keauhou and Maunalua…would they be Maunahou or Keaulua.

Of course, this nonsense name-game would be inappropriate since they would make no sense and would be emphatically non-Hawaiian. Apologies to anyone offended. End of the fantasy. …

New direction for Cadoy

Miguel Cadoy III, the island actor, teacher, and musician, is the new Academy Director of the Farrington Performing Arts Academy.

Miguel Cadoy III

Fresh off directing the school’s “Mamma Mia” a few weeks ago, Cadoy’s new position means he won’t be bound to music classes anymore. His role will outreach to the community to develop bridges to the school.

However, he still will be able to direct the annual musical in the Kalihi auditorium. Cadoy also has been active in local stage musicals with the late Ron Bright and the subsequent I’m a Bright Kid Foundation and continues to work with Johnson Enos‘ ongoing development of the fantasy family musical, “Honu by the Sea,” in Japan, the Mainland and Honolulu. …

And that’s Show Biz. …

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