You know you’ve arrived when you make it as a crossword puzzle clue.

Example: Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole’s name landed into a Washington Post crossword puzzle on May 22. Indeed, that was an “aha” moment.

The clue was: “Instruments played by Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole.”

The answer was: UKES.

Simple. Stunning. Spectacular. Singular sensation.

There possibly might have been an alternate clue: Known for uke-strumming, with golden voice singing a famous rainbow song. The answer would be: Kamakawiwo‘ole.

Bruddah Iz

But if that were to be the proper response,  there might not have been enough boxes to fully spell out his surname. And how would the ‘okina fare?

Don Ho

Of all the Hawaiian entertainers who became world famous in the past – and there have been several – the only other celeb who migrated into the world of crosswords was Don Ho,  in a New York Times puzzle. And this achievement eventually became a trivia question on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.” Bruddah Iz must be grinning and comparing notes with Uncle Don. …

Bruno sells part of catalog

Bruno Mars

A day after becoming the first entertainer to achieve Diamond Certification for five single hits, islander Bruno Mars has sold a share of his music catalogue to Warner Chappel Music, a publishing company, according to Billboard.

Mars, 35, has a stake in 232 songs in his entire catalog, sold a share of his catalogue to WCM. The deal was sealed about six months ago and announced recently, through terms were not disclosed.

“At the heart of his immense talents is his incredible songwriting, which he honed for years before he became a recording superstar,” says Guy Moot, CEO of WCM. “Like only a true great can, he’s mastered and transcended multiple musical genres with extraordinary originality and versatility.” …

And that’s “Show Biz.” …


  1. This past year has been a watershed year for Israel with the Google Doodle; his version of “Over the Rainbow” hit continued to be licensed to film, tv and commercials around the world multiple times and it’s now being used as a clue in a crossword puzzle in one of the US’s most prominent newspapers! Just asking….where will he go next?

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