Planning on attending the four-show series of Broadway in Hawaii musicals, starting next Tuesday (April 19)?

I’ve heard a wave of eagerness from many who have signed up for all four shows, now through next year. A few are baffled at ticket prices

So, let’s discuss the situation.

A four-show season for us in Hawaii is new, so perhaps that’s where the wariness factor enters. Local theaters like Diamond Head Theatre and Manoa Valley Theatre commonly boast six-show seasons, and that’s the norm for touring shows on the Mainland.

We’ve never had such an agenda;  four could eventually become six, but there’s a lot to do to get to that level. One underlying factor might be the facility; our Blasidell Concert Hall is the go-to space for visiting shows; it’s showing its age and some day will require renovation crews to amp up the facility, so construction would halt bookings.

And no other facility in the state – the Hawaii Theatre in Chinatown and the Maui Arts and Cultural Center in Wailuku are too small or perhaps lack backstage and fly space to accommodate sets and backdrops. The new DHT facility is strictly for community theater and will have updated technology and space when it opens next fall, but will have the same seating capacity like now, still too small for traveling shows. And no one would book a theatrical production at the Tom Moffatt Waikiki Shell, an outdoor facility.

If you’re undecided about the ensuing Broadway attractions at Blaisdell, perhaps some  background data might be helpful.

 Ticket costs here are on par with other markets. Those online handling fee are rampant for any kind of e-ticketing, so it’s part of the norm, if you purchase New York Broadway tickets or any mainland musical or sporting event. (Note: A special $30 ticket, for balcony seating at the Tuesday April 1 opening night show, has just been announced. To order, see the bottom of this column).

Season purchases offer some discount vs. individual shows, and generally speaking, subscribers have options to exchange tickets if conflicts occur.

Key considerations:

  • This is the first time ever, that a multi-show-season with legit touring Broadway shows, is happening. We’ve had isolated productions, or a mere two, staged months apart.
  • Three of the productions are Hawaii premieres: “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical,” playing April 19-24 2022;  “Jersey Boys,” running Sept. 13-25 2022; “Hamilton,”getting in its shot for three weeks, Dec. 7, 2022 through Jan. 29, 2023; and “Cats,” launching June 13-18, 2023.
  • In Mainland communities boasting six-show templates for years, Hawaii needs to catch up; our four shows are a good starting point for season-buyers. The issue is clear: Honolulans need to show commitment for the package of four, and then build on the six as a goal. Producers will deliver only if you do your part.

  • More thoughts on the show appeal, if you’re only selecting one or two titles:  The No. 1 show is “Hamilton,” even if you’re seen that splendid Disney+ theatrical gem on TV. Even if Lin Manuel Miranda has exited the cast; this is his legacy to the stage; a hip-hop/rap musical based on the Founding Fathers of this country. Your second choice logically would be either “Beautiful” or “Jersey Boys,” though you might have seen the latter but not the former. Both bio musicals – one on the life and ascent of Carole King, the other the triumphs and tragedies rarely known about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. The soundtrack of your lives will resonate with the chartbusting tunes by King and her collaborators and the street smart charms of Valli and his harmonic partners.
  • “Cats” is the obvious filler in the package; if you loved it, see it again. If your kids have not seen it, introduce and educate them to his curiosity, an Andrew Lloyd Webber creation based on a poem, where population are cats, not people.
  • Some advice: order tickets from an authorized source; Broadway in Hawaii utilizes Ticketmaster as its official site, or purchases can be made at the Blaisdell Center box office. Prices depend on date, seat site; the website can provide the range and seating chart.  My season tickets, ordered earlier, have been mailed to me by choice; however, “Hamilton” tickets will be sent approximately 60 days prior to your scheduled performance date. Avoid third party ticketers, who sell tickets with inflated prices; some sits may be fraudulent.

Tickets: online at or phone (808) 776-7469. …

$30 special deal

Bruce Granath, Salt Lake City-based executive of Magic Space Entertainment (which is Hawaii’s link to the Broadway series), says that a very special $30 ticket (plus fees) will be available for balcony seating only for the opening night (Tuesday April 19) show. The intent is to get a full house for the launch.

Here’s how to score these seats:

Visit this link: :

Click on ”Unlock,” then enter the promo code FRIENDS. This should get you to the $30 one-night-deal.

It’s OK to share with friends and family, says Granath…

And that’s Show Biz. …

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