Yippee! I’m a breakfast person, morning, noon and night.So the news today that Zippy’s is offering breakfast fare around the clock is something to crow about. Cockadoodledoo!

Here’s the deal:

  • The Meatlovers Breakfast is $10.85. Corned beef hash, bacon, Portuguese sausage and Spam, plus eggs over rice.
  • The Korean Breakfast is $10.95. Korean chicken with a choice of one meat, plus eggs over fried rice.
  • The Bombucha, aka Deluxe Breakfast, is $8.80. Corned beef hash, Portuguese sausage and Spam with scrambled eggs over rice.The images tell the story. Visit to order and get details.
  • PHOTOS: Top, meatlovers; below left, Korean; right, deluxe.
Meat lovers breakfast
Korean chicken breakfast
Deluxe or bombucha breakfast

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