Hoku Low, the bass player of the Society of Seven, has announced his retirement in a Facebook post.

“It has been been a privilege to be a part of the SOS organization for the past 44 years,” Low said in an email to me. “I enjoyed every minute of performing for audiences all over the world.”

Low officially retired in February but went public last week, confessing, “I plan to live a life of leisure and also do some volunteer work and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Hoku Low

Low evolved as an all-around entertainer after joining the SOS. He has gained confidence and resilience and has been of the do-it-all troupers in the group, meeting the high standards of versatility of the late leader Tony Ruivivar. When you’re an SOSer, you learn to do it all. Play an instrument, take on impersonations (remember his Frankie Valli?), become a dancer, and simply be a reliable team member . Alongside Ruivivar, he prevailed as a long-timer in the SOS, with Bert Sagum and Wayne Wakai as the surviving key players. Oh, and be flexible; he lived in Honolulu but relocated to Las

Vegas where the SOS relocated for showrooms in Sin City over the past decade.

Apparently, leadership now falls on Sagum, and the group intends to continue, said Low. However, the pandemic has challenged the group and fellow entertainers to restore a stage presence again. …

Enjoy retirement, buddy!

Teng on ‘NCIS: Hawai‘i’ progress

For Larry Teng, who has been in town to direct a couple of episodes of CBS’ “NCIS: Hawai‘i,”

the mission’s done but continues.

Larry Teng

Teng, showrunner of the third “NCIS” spin-off, took to Instagram to reveal that not only the initial episode is in the can, so is the second show.

That’s good news, because the Hawaii show launches Sept. 10, following the premiere of the mothership “NCIS” series, which precedes the home-brewed newbie.

“After 22 days of filming, I can officially say that the pilot and episode 102 for @ncishawaiicbs is wrapped,” he announced. “I feel so lucky to collaborate with this amazing cast, this amazing group of producers, and more than anything, this amazing crew. They have held me up, worked long hours, and devoted their time, sweat and talents for this maiden voyage.”

So the toil of long hours, and fresh scripts, marches on, as lead actress Vanessa Lachey also is keeping up the frantic schematics of carving a new notch on the “NCIS” tree…

Oh, a shout-out to CBS: when will you launch the show’s official logo, with the okina in Hawai‘i?

Life’s a beach

Hawaii has landed on Conde Nast Traveler’s recent Readers’ Choice Awards of 25 Best Beaches, among islands, but not in the top slot. Not surprising, actually.

Two island spots are mentioned in the travel website – but the beach selections were based on their island-specific locations:

  • At No. 21, Sunset Beach. Mostly because this is the site of big wave surfing contests.
  • At No. 19, Honokalani, Maui. Largely because of its black sand beaches en route to Hana.

So what/where was No. 1? Gouverneur, St. Bart’s, in the Caribbean, for its remote and pristine beach. …

And that’s “Show Biz.” …


  1. Indeed, Hoku (aptly named, “star”) has been a stellar member of a tireless group, applauded but perhaps underrated over the decades. Bless him for his contributions and talent.

  2. Aloha and Happy Retirement to Hoku. It was a great run with the SOS all these years. I have been watching SOS since 1969 so I surely miss all they guys who were like brothers to me. Best of luck ! Aloha Dolores Treffeisen

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