Just asking…

Have you had to deal with a credit card that has been compromised?

To restate: has someone hacked your account and logged expenses that weren’t yours?

I’ve had a succession of these irritable moments, when I received a text message and a phone call that a rat was apparently at work.

My Hawaiian Airlines Master Card, I was told, likely was compromised. Bless the watcher/whistleblower, who flagged one charge and was right.  A sum – not mine – was logged  from Florida and thank Lord someone sniffed this foul play.

But three times, over two years? Humbug, yeah?

This incident required the termination of the victimized card and  a new replacement card; the result is that sites where I have automatic charges had to be informed and this card was immediately halted.

A replacement with a new number arrived via express mail, so now it’s business as usual.

But applause, to the scrutinizers, for sniffing out a crook. They are unsung heroes.


  1. Glad your bank caught it before it snowballed. I had that happened before and it was suspended then issued a different number and card. Also, last week the bank rejected what they thought was a suspicious attempt to purchase a large amount of $2,000. It text me inquiring if I was trying to purchase something on Delta Airlines. I told them it was indeed me. Immediately they stopped the block on my card and I could complete my purchase. I’m glad the bank is so attentive.

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