Chris Kekaniokalani Bright, who previously worked on Disney’s animated “Moana” hit, is expected to script the planned live action “Lilo and Stitch” movie, based on the hit animated TV series and film.

Chris is the grandson of the late Ronald K. Bright and Mo Bright, and the son of Clarke and Lynell Bright, all active and renowned for their support to perpetuate and preserve the tradition of Mr. B’s legacy, to instill the values of hard work and commitment, the mantra of the Bright-inspired I’m a Bright Kid Foundation which protects and promotes these goals.

Chris Bright

The “Lilo and Stitch” project will be directed by Dean Fleischer Camp, whose latest film is “Marcel. The Shell with Shoes On,” based on the viral video series starring co-writer Jenny Slate as an anthropomorphic shell, according to Deadline,

“Lilo and Stitch,” like “Moana,” promotes Hawaii-based stories with rich island characters and ‘ohana-heavy themes, elements that have become Disney trademark. “Lilo and Stitch” details the relationship of a lonely Hawaiian girl (Lilo) who befriends and adopts a dog (Stitch) which turns out to be a potentially dangerous and destructive extraterrestrial being. “Lilo and Stitch” is known for the much-quoted “Ohana means family;  family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten,” which resonated with Hawaii youths back in the day.

Chris, who grew up amid the Bright tradition, earlier scripted a Disney project called “Aloha Radio,” inspired by the book by David Wolman and Julian Smith about three actual Hawaiian paniolo (cowboys), but the film has been shelved. …

Bright youngsters’ play opens today

“Dear Edwina Jr.,” a comedy with music about a teen advice counsel, opens tonight (July 15) at the Paliku Theatre at Windward Community College.”

It will be the I’m a Bright Kid Foundation’s lone live, in-person production this year, as the pandemic continues.  The show is the culmination of IABK’s summer theatrical arts education workshops, enabling the youngsters to show their skills in what they’ve learned.

In keeping with the tradition of Ronald Bright, mentor to thousands of aspiring theater youths before his death, the show will offer a playbill with the usual credits and roster of the kids. “We do books for all our shows,” said Ligaya Stice, IABK executive director. “Mr. B was big on that.”

Performances will be at 7 p.m. today (July 15), 2 and 7 p.m. tomorrow (July 16) and 2 p.m. Sunday (July 17).

Tickets: www.imabrightkid.org/tickets.

Batalon’s ‘Vampire’ has opening date

Islander Jacob Batalon’s new series on SyFy finally has a premiering date: Oct. 25.

Jacob Batalon

Batalon, 25, will star in “Reginald the Vampire,” putting his teeth in a comedic role as Reginald Andres, a vampire who has to navigate a variety of obstacles but has powers he doesn’t know he has.

The show is based on a book by Johnny B. Truant.

So, from the sidekick (Ned Leeds) and best friend of Tom Holland’s “Spider-man,” he’s now lurking as a vamp. …

And that’s Show Biz. …

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